Tuesday 20 February 2018



Rituals dominate daily life. Alarm bell wakening, eating, bathing, commuting, daily business activities, communications, and deal-making, return commute and attempt ritual sleeping. Infrequent recreational activities and irregular religious patterns outweigh the ceremony of falling asleep watching TV!

Our humanity functions are as ritualistic today as they have ever been, whether in families, schools, workplaces, governments, international and spiritual relations. The ancient hunter-gatherers of Africa were bound together through intense and esoteric rituals of many hunting-feasting cults.

Spheres of cooperation have to extend across much larger population groups and geographic areas, toward operating more complex systems of production and trade exchange. Inter-group rivalries have to be tamped down in the interests of healthy and productive collaboration. The classical individual versus the group in different scale conditions still prevails today.

Face-to-face fusion has declined, and more significant virtual social identities have taken over with Internet communications. One now expects ritualized ordeals to be less widespread without participatory debates. However, more fiction than facts comes into view in doctrines, narratives, standard and universalistic repeated messages, religious hierarchies and with professional experts who feebly share their popular opinions. All these individuals source their voiced messages to perform specialized micro virtual self-interests to all who might most unwillingly listen and loosely observe an unceasing harmful moral chatter.

Very little of the inter-group hatred one might observe is conducted in the real world today with prescient knowledge. The Internet provides instant access to ambiguous streamed messages revealing unacceptable, untested, unproven, uncorroborated data. Honest, truthful, moral and righteous answers remain unchallenged.

Individuals find themselves compressed into accepting decision-making activities by employers or online dictates. Passive or active opposition with little individual empowerment of real circumstances faces admonishment. Unwarranted reproach has now forged a blinkered, separated and unprecedented cultural, social, environmental commitment to our weak huddling under sovereign country controls. Stripped from a holistic partnership citizens are not responsible or accountability for Earthly stewardship.

However, collective political struggles squander unity within the context of the digital information revolution. The urban past as an imagined whole should not be questioned for civilization decline. Looking forward to a fresh urban design vision compels new chapters of interdisciplinary agreement and support.

Honest and truthful urban evolution purpose becomes more difficult to place and integrate into urban concepts via words and illustrations. The present principles endowed with “top-down” versus “bottom-up” decision-making deserve a radical change. Gaining citizen-leadership issue interpretation with truthful and logically justified open discussion association is the key to reveal proper policy understandings. A possible alternative opportunity for urban futures in a complex digital communication environment presents a dire challenge.

The right to do something of one’s own free will instinctively set in motion thoughts that precede free bodily motion. Human activities are presently supported mechanically from the foot to horse saddle, land vehicle, aircraft, and water vessel seats.

Today’s transportation functions with fossil-fueled energy generated networks that demand interchange from foot to alight into each separated system is a stop and go passage of interruption. Denying the primary key for urban visionary mobility futures for revision from the tenacity of status quo conditions is prevented from any quixotic urban mission.

The value of a mobility infrastructure utility that networks well-designed eco-cities together like a string of pearls provides opportunities. The most remarkable future transformation of human business conduct will result from insertion of a new transportation system into urban settlements. The result will be a transformation into eco/habitat harmony for mutual stewardship and wealth building.

Immutability, secure transactions, privacy, transparency, the elimination of fraud for the liberty of trade and bartering exists. Minimizing energy expended for travel with fewer cost demands improvement for miles traveled. These facts amongst many other positive attributes alone must occur to revolutionize global civilization. Citizen idea contributions for making it so should receive appropriate rewards.

A new technology transportation insertion together with mobile communication assets enables a personal, focused effort that embraces face-to-face meetings for negotiations. The instant signing of legal agreements is now possible. Time, distance and cost of travel allow citizen choices that free them from geographic place location in which to rent or reside.

Imminently possible the collapse of time, cost, and distance with safe technological speeds that are maintained and operated by an advanced transportation system completes individual aspirations and expectations to reach destinations from point to point. One that is acceptable, adequate, safe and comfortable transportation in continuous flows shall reach far beyond intracity, to intercity, national performance capabilities to rather a global accommodation.

Offering this liberty of movement for all citizens is the simple justifiable answer to freedom of getting around from place to place. Averting the grasp of gatekeepers from restricting passage and requiring permission for trade opportunity activities toward the consummation of deal-making is a relief in obtaining personal business contracts.

People and goods of the core needs for humanities consumption can, therefore, be transported globally. In the present sovereign governance systems, citizens depend on “trusted” intermediaries (banks and other financial institutions) to conduct daily transactions. These “trusted” intermediaries are not at all trustworthy. Freedom of movement to conduct business face to face should be the ultimate mission for inexpensive mobility.


A continuous integrated flow of movement is the prime interface of understanding for the transportation of people and goods. Humanity’s urban, socio-cultural, environmental exchange in an eco-state/habitat harmony is a viable solution for citizen’s EARTHLY stewardship. Transportation thus formed is the unique basic framework for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 1/28/18, 1/29/18 946 words

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