Tuesday 20 February 2018


The value of a mobility infrastructure utility that networks well-designed eco-cities together like a string of pearls provides opportunities for the most remarkable transformation of human business conduct.

Immutability, secure transactions, privacy, transparency, the elimination of fraud for the liberty of trade and bartering, with less energy cost per ticket for miles traveled is the next revolution in civilization for citizen contribution to receive fair rewards.

A new technology transportation insertion together with mobile communication assets enables personal effort to achieve face-to-face negotiations. The instant signing of legal agreements is possible.

Choice of a geographic place in which to reside and do business becomes attractive. Future mobility collapse of time, cost, and distance with safe speeds maintained and operated for individual desires to achieve point-to-point travel averts gatekeepers restricting passage.

People and goods for humanities needs are swiftly transported intracity, intercity, nationally and globally. In a centralized system, one depended on “trusted” intermediaries (banks and other financial institutions) to conduct transactions. These “trusted” intermediaries are not at all trustworthy.

Transportation is the singular key to Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 1/23/18 178 words

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