Tuesday 20 February 2018


Of all the graduates holding Urban Design Degrees from USA universities, how does one discriminate between these individuals with there thoughtful “sources and sinks” that might reveal substantive city solutions?

How do these designers prescribe their rights, powers, options, privileges, and policies for design purposes!

1.0 The Urban Designers ultimate purpose of service is being a peacemaker for prosperity, liberty, and fraternity.
2.0 The Urban Designers objective is one of reform to ultimately transform resolutions in the clustering urban planning analysis, to move into a firm prognosis for the revelation of an Urban Design Synthesis.
3.0 Urban Design aspects seen in a geographic context is to help usefulness in utilizing resources frugally and efficiently.
4.0 Urban Design achievement for goals and objectives are for practical physical realization, regeneration.restoration and remediation.
5.0 Urban Design projects should display unique individual findings of artful evidence for insertion into constructed physical futures.
6.0 Urban Design’s primary issue of concern is to formalize mobility flows into place making that offers well-bonded linkages for future settlements.
7.0 Urban Design research and investigation for durability, sustainability, and self-reliance are the three prime factors for implementation of constructs.
8.0 Urban Design enthusiasm for function, form and evaluation criteria wedded together as one integrated system must be displayed with words and illustrations.
9.0 Urban Design loyalty of solutions for succession and longevity must be embedded as a primary consideration for next-generation citizen-leadership decision-making.
10.0 Urban Designers will always be challenged for real practical solutions and iteration of thoughts, formulas, models, measures, standards, simulations, and problem-solving procedures with alternative materials that make common sense.

Therefore a definition of a valued Urban Designer is one that contains evaluative assessments and their consequences, into a prescription that defines limits or constraints. In so doing the answers absolve risks in fulfilling 3-D spatial corridors that serve 3-D spatial enclosures on terrains for Eco-Habitat constancy and harmony.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 1/18/18 303 words

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