Tuesday 23 January 2018


This article was a response to ASGARDIA

Acquest for urban design is a tumbling iteration toward helping Earth’s future inhabitants ever growing population settlements to balance with Nature.

The effort attempts to conceive appropriate and realistic changes to ALL things citizens have used in past bad stewardship of city building. This is my deep concern. To develop a framework of the practical benefits for and by a new urban design concept must prescribe a new mobility service villages, towns, and cities for resilience, durability, and sustainability. A holistic project quest is to engage with interdisciplinary urban design representatives.

Starkore City a synthesis concept is to improve humanities destruction of Earth’s resources by respecting Natures omnidirectional flows as eternal gifts. In essence, it is to begin a citizen-leadership decision-making system to bring about Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

To preface this introduction for a healthy people and environment begins with the will for each to serve one another respectfully and reverently on Earth. This is the genesis for Earth first and Outer Space exploration second.

Asgardia, therefore, cannot be a mirror of and for humanity in space until Earth’s balance is rectified and accomplished. Earthlings are the source and provision of intelligence and skills utilizing and creating all the elements for reaching the “Noosphere.”

The foundations for an outer space adventure still requires the umbilical cord of communication, energy to break gravity with incremental invention and creation for mutual exchange services. This aspect will continue over a long period of time. Earths elemental resources for inventive products are still wanton to be initiated, conceived and developed first by earthlings with intelligence and skill to then serve human astronauts in spatial habitats.

As much as Asgardia regards unresolved legal problems to create a new judicial reality in space why cannot this be done on Earth first? Global citizens need “equal protection” as well. Citizens will continue as a unique subset of self-interested individuals in all fields of space research and development of artifacts for space technology and investment.

Asgardia cannot condone nor follow “typical citizen procedures.” These are in default in findings of the truth for righteous living on Earth. Purging Earths citizens to behave as promising Asgardian citizens is a faulty premise. Universal Law on Earth and in Space is a duality of concern in “astropolitics.” Eternal relations will exist in common with all humans wherever they might be located in respective spatial domains.

Peaceful use of Earth for future survival is the priority before that of Space. Threats are sourced from humans wherever they might be stationed. The seven threats well described by Asgardia to aid or destroy Earths well-being for successive generations is an excellent defined observation. However, sharing the combined realities of Natures forces and humanities inabilities to affect the urban design and engineering efforts has resulted in severe destructive consequences. Evidence proliferates daily and is in need immediate resolution for “earthlings.”

Confronting the knowledge expansion base created for a variety of research and development goals supported by the financial assets given to the military industrial complex and “science” is a total imbalance of budgeting for humanities survival on Earth. Examine the budget proportion for urban planning and design of cities. This is a critical comparison to enable a “proven idea with a confirmed launch of an equipped satellite may we (Asgardia) begin talking about budgets.” (Notice “proven idea…may we after the fact”!)

The dismay in the attitude of “matryoshka” written openly in words “Whatever else is hidden inside is something we (Asgardia) will discover in the near future” is abhorrent. Operating secretly behind closed doors is copying the existing status quo faults embedded in Corporate, Academic, Bureaucratic and Political tacit control of humanity.

Then to further attempt toward forging a transparent financial future for Asgardia by linking self-funding with crowd funding, private donations, cooperative new partners, and investors is contemptible.

This blind reliance and dependence on Earthlings for such support belie the intelligence that does not comprehend the separation between Asgardia’s space project errors and the dire need to save Earth from self-destruction. The concept prescribed is akin to a wishful prayer for a “Dark Angel.”

When you queried my dispatch of the list of Ministers required for urban citizen-leadership decision-making futures it reminded me of your laziness in not reading much of my writings on two blogs. This is disappointing indeed.

My thoughts were just to offer a comparative against the Ministers list you had created. I found your list inadequate for the duality of Asgardia’s concept of separation with “earthlings.” The people who inhabit Earth are your resource for the mission you propose. You stand with the same blood and bones as I do. We are related to one another.

It is clear that Asgardia does not see this connection. So the words expressed and delivered above is but a summary for reflection. If this clarity is not understood please let’s continue the conversation.

One presumes Asgardians have read the recent good article and fine illustrations of the National Geographic issue (August 2017) entitled “The Space Issue — THE NEXT MOON SHOT.”

Is it possible for Asgardians to clearly understand the relationship between LAUNCH, LAND, TRAVEL, AND TALK of all the people involved with this curiosity and fascination for exploration?

This future is a permanently bonded relationship between Earths survival and Space exploration– forever.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 7/30/17 889 words

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