Tuesday 23 January 2018


Connectivity means an ability to communicate with another device. Tools have changed since 1950 when I became aware of their usefulness.

At last in the 2017’s the speed with which one can secure one of these devices to communicate far more swiftly is beyond the story spoken around the fireplace. Even more so, infrastructure that creates this reality of connection for such functions to occur almost instantly is unseen.

However, efforts are now being made to relate multiple devices to the services of reality transportation. Getting from place to place concerns all humanity. Creative entrepreneurship is advancing but is in the fog as what to do next. The words heard everywhere is sensors, beacons, and apps. This results in FIXES to old fossil fuel systems of carrying goods and people around. Misdirected progress in transportation is a prevalent disorder.

The pathway to future transportation splits into two directions. One is applied to existing transportation modes the other to future alternative transportation opportunities. Uber and Lyft have linked examples of change in this domain. Again the slow thinking and fearful vested interests of the triad – Corporations, Academics, and Politbureau, (C.A.P.) are slowing their impact and stalling the consequences.

Think about the scale of this problem of movement found for humans getting from point-to-point daily. It is a large one spanning all the continents on Earth. A mindset change for all citizens who struggle with mobility every day of their lives from prams to hearses must be improved. From the scarcity of means to abundance for travel performance near and far is NOT impossible.

A vision is necessary to reveal a future for transportation. Public transit is the process of moving or being transported from one place to another. Transit, as it is presently understood, is old-fashioned, costly, time- and energy consumptive.

To reach the land of my birth traveling to LAX from my Menifee home takes two hours at best or four hours at worst on the “freeway.” Then I must arrive four hours early for an international flight. That flight to my homeland with transfers takes a total of eleven to fourteen hours. Arriving at my destination quite stressed out but thankful after 48 hours of small naps, my body needs a deep rest.

What if — I could walk a mile trundling my battery powered small compressed luggage to a nearby portal.
What if — I booked my travel destination when I woke up and made the decision to go to my father’s funeral just after hearing of his death on my phone device?
What if — my entry into the portal identified me as I walked through the entry door?
What if — I took the escalator to the right level?
What if — I stepped onto the moving belt and then into a capsule seat after offloading my luggage in the required space?
What if — the capsule already knew of my end destination?
What if — the capsule never stopped and was on its way within a few minutes?
What if — my comfort level and amenities are better appointed than that advertised on Emirate Airline or any other luxury private jet for the wealthy?
What if — I could inform my relations of my expected arrival time in three hours and 25 minutes?
What if — I could call my colleagues and arrange a few days stay over to conduct a business transaction?
What if — I could be connected and informed on TV of ongoing elections in Latvia?
What if — I could dose off to sleep along the way?

Now, who amongst those who might read these “what if” words would not choose to have a light, swift, safe ride wherever one’s destination might be on such a fresh new transportation system?

Not many citizens worldwide would deny such a charming, relaxed, less stressful, satisfying way to travel. The second technology pathway to be inserted is the future of journeys locally and globally. It is NOT the incremental fix-up advantages attempted on the unsafe and Earth destroying, costly infrastructure of bi-ways, roadways, highways, “freeways,” airways and shipping ways we are currently using to get places using polluting fossil fuel.

All humanity’s intelligence and skills involved for this shift in industry and commerce is presently available. Real-time implementation requires human decision-making for a small start. Variable learning globally to venture collaboratively in all sovereign nations will create more jobs and habitat benefits for earthlings than ever before. At last a balance will come about in our stewardship of Earth’s abundant eternal flowing gifts.

Acquest for urban design.is an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 5/19/17,7/18/17 770 words

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