Tuesday 23 January 2018


Creative urban design predictions will make sense to all individual consciousness. Participating in city living together with imagination and choices made collectively offers better solutions.

Honest contributions to improving community well-being by balancing short generational lifetime passages of citizen/leadership with long-term decision-making balances habitation with Nature.

How was apartheid created? Individual creators of things are passed on as useful inventions to successive generations. The effective service found in these little designs are infinitesimal with that still found in Nature. There is no apartheid in Nature.

Civilizations eternal quest is to know the meaning of our conscious individual selves and the nature of our existence determines our stewardship for the day after tomorrow. How do we set out decision-making for city creation? Humanity and Nature are integral parts of time evolutionary flow interfaces on Earth.

Conceiving the unknown urban design “utopia” reality is societies future mission. Avoiding urban futures is impossible. Separation starts with forgetfulness of adopting clear linkages. The diversity of our reality existence has lost connection to our divine source. One is not separate from the Creator or each other. Change is constant. Separation demands constant reinvention for city integration. The keys to creating a new analysis, prognosis, and synthesis for a whole city system of beliefs ends in physical reality and is the free design mission. Integrating urban futures involves emerging ideological, cultural, religious, political and economic concerns. The devil is in the details of our limited micro/macro design ingenuity.

To substantiate a foundation beyond forgetting the means to acknowledge adversaries and existing global aspirations establishes a framework to examine “Smart City” futures. Consideration for the creation and transmission of data converted into valid information for decision-making does not guarantee truthful substance. Review and debate of irrefutable proof for all things have an innate measure of uncertainty. Making up choices for personal decisions is a difficult task. However, the efficacy of understanding the many layers of knowledge is not hindered by a minority but by a majority of citizen/leadership participants involved in future City/Nature constructs. Intentional urban planning and design awaken all the people to a new awareness of time to facilitate and to serve the creation of a deserving well-functioning community environment.

The cause and effect evaluation of a “Smart City” framework must place itself with inhabitants in an eco/geographic context. Integration of thoughts to actions allows settling of regular added value contributions spurred by community participants. Individual citizen thoughts and feelings are attracted to gatherings of people events. Encouraging participation in such circumstances will reveal new things into community experiences. Sponsoring and expressing many such activities into manifestations of reality should reward and enhance positive citizen contributions.

Provisions of vote outcomes with people involved in a balance between right and wrong intentions are inherent in future principalities and powers of city evolution. Adversarial empowerments to the few who serve as antagonists with hatred, deliberate destructiveness, aggression, manipulation, malevolence, and need for control in the execution of their vision in societal futures is an unjustified influence.

Currently, citizens believe that they are at the mercy of circumstances and that they are not the creators of their common reality. These conditions cannot continue. Increasingly citizens become distrustful, judgmental, and re-active as victims of perpetrators in need of rescue from dynamic happenings beyond their control. Sovereign nations have spiraled downward into deep separation/victim consciousness. A direct result of the fear and hatred catalyzed by adversaries. These existing situations arising from deep conflict, competition, and divisions must end. Engaged citizens joining in community attendance for decision-making will prevent such circumstances.

“Smart City” reality becomes a construct of diverse immigrant experiences. Perceptual experiences are not forgotten. The power of daily individual contributions provides a community with decision-making evaluation toward something desirable. The transient nature of citizen experiences cannot dispell fear. Recording of regular added value contributions is now possible and recorded in data banks for swift review, audit, and reward.

Physical reality shows citizen/leadership that one must get chosen things realized to achieve individual urban goals for success. Success may be short-lived. However, community existence conditions are long-lasting. Chasing greater things is the eternal hope of finding lasting peace, prosperity, and liberty. The energy brought momentarily to an individual/leadership decision-making experience brings expected emotion for but a moment. Reinforcing future urban belief depends on external circumstances that defy separation but discovers mutual creatorship.

Earthly reality contains urban dreams and illusions. Individuals are part of collective creation. The political reality for a real urban world future is a citizen/ leadership responsibility. Accountability for occupation on earth must include a balanced giving rather than only taking.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 6/9/17, 6/13,17 767 words

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