Tuesday 20 February 2018


Discovering gates of the city are found in the gates of the mind.

A proposed vision of village, town, and city growth for change must form a purposeful mission.

“Climate Change” is only one part of an urban development reality future. American minds are ready for a new fundamental development foundation.

Truthful transmission of honest messages for all the American population about civil futures requires discipline for guidance. A rational and logical future urban vision acceptable to all citizens must be prescribed and promoted.

The solution for citizen/leadership is a holistic urban planning and design concept of cooperation. To rightly engage, stimulate and capture the spirit of all American citizens for their contributions, is to work together toward city creation and implementation. Securing a better future for all participant contributions is valued for their assembly, operation, maintenance, and rewards

The solution demands some uncomfortable yet transformational actions for a positive civil future.

A revision of the following current primary aspects is necessary.

1.0 Shifting to an alternative governance organization and management.
2.0 Focus on energy and new transportation for better mobility of goods and people.
3.0 Setting principles of proportion with measures for land-use, agriculture, forestry, urban footprints, transportation and green networks in redefined eco/political boundaries are paramount.
4.0 Assessing flows in Artificial Intelligence devices, Internet of Things, Automation, Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, for possible decision-making value placement of physical material elements into commonsense reality.

Americans have lived in the continuance of a status quo city implementation system. Citizens seek an improved City to come. Cities are the magnetic impulse attraction of people for future mutual survival.

Americans have led the world in City building. Sovereign Nations have copied the parts and pieces much to their demise. The time has come for America to again lead the way for future City improvement.

Americans intelligence is innate. New technologies are invented, financed, tested and manufactured here. Future skills need life-long education. Military “War Rooms” should be turned into Civil “Calm Rooms” for citizen/leadership decision-making.

American individual responsibility and accountability are to be wise stewards of collective city creations to maintain a healthy and abundant Earth. Beginning with Citizen/Leadership requires harmony. Aspirations of all involved with their short lifetime journey on this Planet cannot endure anymore-harmful destruction and the separation of politics, ethics, and esthetics of Cities.

Each visionary past USA President advanced transportation technology. Doing so has created new urban settlement patterns. Let’s bring Space Technology attributes to America for improving transportation on Earth. A new mobility system when implemented will again foster clean cities and freedom of trade.

The compelling story of humanity for increasing progress is evaluating the inclusion of invention in all fields of endeavor until citizens reap some benefits. The enlightenment of rights, freedom, worship, leisure, technological sophistication and frugal material comfort has relied upon and afforded by conquest, colonization, and enslavement of others. This process deserves alteration.

Citizen/leadership needs information for innovation to instigate appropriate actions. Dispel ignorance. Finding citizen energy to claim something that encourages work in surrounding conditions is righteous.

Entering city gates must be pleasurable experiences of mobility, shelter, safety, workplace, recreation, and worship to celebrate dependence and gratitude of living on Earth for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. 6/2/17, 6/6/17 536 words

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