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The operational aspects of transportation in cities involve many types of rubber wheeled land vehicles. Single persons do in the majority control these vehicles of great variety, horsepower, weight, and seating capacity.

The capital expenditures for using these vehicles are all involved with citizens investing sums of money for maintaining vehicles per day as well as the burden of paying taxes for fuel as well as to travel on the roads for operation and maintenance.

Driving miles for many purposes to get to places for both goods and people is an enormous expense from point-to-point. Parking vehicles absorb ground space where they stand empty a good percentage of the time. Whether using cars, bus, taxi, transit or rental car to and from airports or seaports, the urge to move is primarily for money to earn and mouths to feed.

Engaging and driving a vehicle is mostly a convenience of habit rather than an enthusiasm for a specified duration. Ardor dampens when traffic jams or stressful conditions due to traffic accidents slow reaching places on time. Allowing access to sites 24/7 is a considerable asset for emergencies.

No person, however, wise can reverse the danger or the consequences that ensue with daily miles traveled on land in air or on the ocean. Associated cleverness has never joined with stupid haste or long delays. The only fighting chance for timely arrival is to guess in advance toward anticipating delays of travel with creative adjustments on alternative routes.

There are few instances where new transportation visualization has transcended prolonged use of fossil fuel has driven vehicles. Present civilizations are thoroughly acquainted with the manufacturing evils of fossil fuel driven vehicles.

Citizens do understand driving these rubber-tired robots into the future that they are complicit with manufacturers grabbing massive profit potentials. The condition is gruesome to humanity, cruel toward maiming and deaths, and further toxic destruction of the environment. Resourcefulness requires mind therapy for a design of alternatives.

Poverty found in this transportation system. Vehicles have to maintain infrastructure distances for carriage of goods and people that cause wear and tear as well as citizen impoverishment and health problems. Critical decision-making between private and public partnerships is thus averted and forgotten.

Inner-city proximity causes prices to rise. Citizen equality is drained away between the wealthy and the have-nots. The unaffordable proportional cost of wages and inflation push fares upward with burdensome exactions for mobility. The imbalance between poverty and plenty occurs.

Subsistence exhausts the strength of families. Income earned and distributed by citizens for daily needs of transportation and taxes sent to governments are approximately three-tenths. The infrastructure costs are four tenths for maintenance and operation. This upkeep proportion cannot be maintained or upgraded for infrastructure to allow for the liberty of movement without raising taxes. Civilizations crumble under these and other burdens.

A wise village, town and city administration cannot continue to forage overtly or covertly on cultural and foreign resources. The needed exchange of resources for citizen provisions is equivalent to daily nutrition per person and utility service support. A prescribed land area proportion between habitation densities should balance with agriculture and forest areas. Most land surface aspects for habitation and transportation are a hustle of assets for family and community survival.

Arousal in different current travel activities creates personal anger for all sorts of trivial matters. Bad civil behavior is random and should reward whoever calms a contrary situation. Conditioning our age of (merger) should be kindled, kept and heightened.

Cities insertion of a new transportation system is in need of speed for urban victory. Collective city leadership is the ultimate arbiter of a sovereign nation’s Health, Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty as fate or peril.

The symbols, icons, and flags of cultures must be a union to assess the value of citizen contributions and rewards to daily moving about actively. The consequences of both internal and external augmentation of added creative strength flows of mobility and ease of assimilation must be measured to advance city building.

City creation enhancement for evolution is forever a cost/benefit for securing trust in citizen partnership.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. 1/16/17, 1/17/17 701 words

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