Tuesday 20 February 2018


The FIRST AGREEMENT of existing city building organizations in a Democratic society that has been in opposition to change needs revision.

Which sovereign nation is prepared to make the change?

Urban design the forgotten art comes first partly from self as a protagonist versus others, but mainly because of others failure against stewardship of Natures abundance gifted to Earth for survival. Respect and balance are the desired condition. The evidence is not forthcoming.

The art of city building is of vital importance to the nation of citizens bonded in a private-public partnership.

It is a holistic matter of life and death onto a mobility pathway for safety or ruin. Neglecting the subject of curiosity and inquiry cannot allow self-denial for solutions. Humanities survival demands an urban planning strategy.

The existing organization of Democratic government formed by a single President (Executive) with a Senate and Congress (Legislative), and Supreme Court (Judiciary) determines the whole conditions in reality of population and geography. It has proved to be not good enough.

The oversight categories found in all deliberations are seven constant factors; Leadership, Design, Logistics, Ethics, Market Forces and Professionalism.

The Moral Law causes the citizens to be in accord with the government, regardless of their living standards. Heavens signify night and day, cold and heat, times and seasons. Earth comprises distances great and small; danger and security open indigenous land and urban footprint, risk and safety with chances of life and death. Whether thoughtfully or accidentally one is dependent upon being at the right place at the right time for impacts of consequences by Nature’s unabated flows.

A Nations population as a whole stands for the virtues of wisdom, benevolence, courage and strictness. Methods and self-discipline for climbing the ladder of one’s dream conform with contributions given to the setting of a community. Personal pathway graduation or departure depends on the maintenance of individual action contributions. Living within own means is gifted only with an exchange of work.

Upward personal dream achievement for all things knows victory or failure. Good city implementation depends on understanding conditions. To better them with a meaningful comparison and contrast must be carefully calculated and measured for advancement. Liability and asset alignment for constancy is revealed and either rewarded or negated.

An organization that harkens to citizens and leadership acts will succeed or fail. A corrupt administration is dismissible. To remain in power government and citizens should listen carefully and respond upon hearing truths to maintain good positions.

Accordingly, as favorable circumstances apply to all city building participants, things should avail themselves above ordinary regulations. Modifying a village, town, and city plans are warranted. Flexibility between fickleness and foolishness should have the courage and risk to change plans in certain situations.

All city implementation should use intelligence to apply forces of joint initiative and instinct. Honesty, forthrightness, and transparency are hard to find to move changes forward for city constructs.

Vulnerability and weakness offer opportunity. City advancement depends upon qualified preparations for success.

Urban development planning of future predictions lies between the believable and laughable.

Transportation to and from villages, towns, and cities in the foreseeable future needs both collective intelligent “head” insight of a crystal ball on the planning table as well as “hand” performance capacity enhancement of daily experience in reality.

The SECOND AGREEMENT for city building organizations in a Democratic society adopts a future organizational change.

Establishing Urban Design as an essential ingredient for City-State creation in a Democracy is a new change.

Which sovereign nation is prepared to make the change?

The urban design art of city building implementation is carried out with a reorganization of decision-making domains for reality accomplishment.

The core City Design Disciplines fall under the “GENIUS CLUSTERS” elected to the roundtable.

The City-State locations are vested with “GEOSCOPES” for the Policy Makers given to deliberations and debates on the village, town, and city issues that arise. Qualified technical assistants perform 24/7 to supply critical information support for Policy Makers. They coordinate the flow of data collections, transmissions and resultant decision recordation for decision-making.

Each City-State has a “CALM ROOM” providing for reality convergence of recording decisions made in legal agreements, enactments, and enforcements.

“STAKEHOLDERS R&D LABORATORIES” fall under business investment and entrepreneurial development of relevant digital technologies.

The four above mentioned – “GENIUS CLUSTERS,” “GEOSCOPES,” “CALM ROOM,” AND “STAKEHOLDERS R&D LABORATORIES ” have together two distinct advantages. The independence to evaluate and assess reciprocal flows of decision-making considered by the mix of membership in each domain realm is essential for everyone’s welfare.

First, the “internal” cost/benefits process of worth applied to city building implementation. Second, the “external” cost consequences of the urban construct footprint on Nature.

Thus a rigorous sevenfold decision-making process also has a supportive new transportation system that forms a network of connecting the dots of City-States affording capability of face-to-face attendance at any critical meeting of any one of the four domains for appropriate decision-makers to attend within hours and a few minutes

The availability of such personal attendance at meetings offers certainty for a particular city action. Proclaiming joy, precluding dissension, acclaiming transparency, efficient allocation of resources, and equity of rewards is possible. Enabling righteous and just constructs for agreements comes to fruition.

In a digital age, resultant information is immediately acknowledged by all the connected City-State partnerships to ensure Peace, Prosperity and Liberty for posterity.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. 1/13/17, 1/14/17 892 words

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