Tuesday 20 February 2018


All individual designers submit ideas to the world’s populations. The manufacturers, investors, governments and citizens normally value the concepts worth for success or failure with use, durability, and longevity. The selections of excellent solutions can either help or hinder civilizations growth and change.

Urban Design divides against itself with strife and opinion. Once a design is introduced to the world after that it either fails or succeeds. The plan will bury itself unless it accomplishes something useful implemented for proper utilization.

An urban design model faces a person’s ability to judge and make a decision to form an opinion of its value objectively, authoritatively, and wisely. When completed truthfully and honestly, such a decision matters. It causes effects on an action, good common sense, discretion in estimation, consequences and a conclusion of circumstances in a context when presented to people’s minds at large. The above considerations are only the internal beginning of good design evaluation by individuals for people at large.

The most significant external introduction for good design must answer this question; Does the man-made idea help or harm the “CREATORS” establishment of a never ending linkage of flows to keep a clean and healthy Earth?

There are thirteen considerations to weigh in urban design decision-making for site sustainability evaluation. Briefly, assessments begin with people, land, air, water, food/ fiber, energy, communication, economics, mobility, structures, waste, justice/security/safety and ecological/habitat harmony. Each category is related to one another and can be graded with numerical magnitudes of evil = 0, unsatisfactory = 3, satisfactory = 7 and good = 10.

Presently most designers are scraping the bottom of the pail to stay alive in all design fields. To infuse a qualitative design, as the first thing in command for human survival on this earth is to turn the tide on our current methods of monetary exchange value as being the dominant force. All designer’s activities to be prolific and meaningful in matters for human race advancement must harmonize man-made things with Earths abundant mineral and organic gifts.

Village, town, and city design answers are the most primary of policies to be created for occupying people on this our only present “space station”. Naïve model answers are not solutions between the polarity of politics versus physics or environment versus science or suburban versus urban.

It is in the world’s population interests to find and implement a better way to survive. Some of the present constitutional litanies of problems are easy to account for;

Population versus Earths resources;

  • Population growth versus positioning in ecological areas;
  • Water Creation versus existing water diminishing;
  • Pollution emanation versus shielding for a clean atmosphere;
  • New energy generation versus fossil fuel utilization;
  • Faster communication of data versus information value evaluation;
  • Food Production versus alternative hydroponic technologies;
  • Status quo transportation versus new mobility technology implementation;
  • Soil quality reduction versus black soil enhancement;
  • Immigration waves versus assimilation and accommodation;
  • Sovereign nation geographical boundaries versus “free trade agreements”.
  • Finally, misunderstanding of the mysterious linkages between all the flows of motion that stabilize Earth for life.

Our typical habitat is in a “Kludge” of a relentless, uninhabitable descending spiral of known and unknown catastrophes. Collectively our capability to build new transportation to serve villages, towns,  and cities to respond appropriately will become reduced to desperate maneuvers.

A vision of working collaboratively together on something primary that all people need so that everyone can be a participant must be revealed, evaluated and shared?

  • How about an acceptable adoption of a standard weight and measurement system?
  • How about a universal monetary system?
  • How about a clean earth system?
  • How about a new transportation system?

Choices for a change that is right to describe all comes in fits and starts. It is anti flows and is most difficult to activate. Do we have the luxury of time to design a fix  what we have done to our home – the Earth?

Graham Kaye-Eddie

m.u.d.             8/3/16            654 words

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