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Let us try to understand the three most important words for design. Design application to whatever role one wishes to assume is an attempt to make the world a better place.

VISION The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

  • A prophetic vision is the vision of an entrepreneur.


A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.

  • A prudent or expedient conduct or action.
  • A course of policy and wisdom,
  • The process of putting a decision or plan into effect,
  • Means, measures and tools to execute,
  • Responsibility for the implementation of the scheme.


Implementation is to carry out or fulfill something. It is the creation of tools to give to somebody to carry on.

  • The means to conduct,
  • The execution,
  • The practice of a plan,
  • The method,
  • The design,
  • The idea,
  • The model,
  • The specification,
  • The standard for doing something.

In three simple words – Analysis, Prognosis, and Synthesis describe the fullness and substance required in words and illustrations for a village, town, and city development is Vision, Policy, and Implementation.

The ideology of Starkore City is a system of ideas and ideals that form the basis of a socio-political, cultural and technological future. The attempt to introduce a new transport technology to service a small scale yet unique village urban footprint into a multilateral framework within a defined ecology network is present. Starkore Cities urban design affords easy expansion into a series of distinct collections of adjoined villages. Urban growth and change accepts and adapts to the site topology, into villages, towns to then form a city.

The holistic compass of StarKore City urban design is one that respects the findings of the most precious life giving qualities of air, water, light and soil.

The primary substance of urban design stands upon measured principles, standards, materials, edibles, ethics, and morals.

Urban design is a continuing living organic system that requires a clear understanding of population demography needs for survival. The key to provisions for families living together occurs in location and land-use proportions. This sustainability association receives and uses energy for given head and hand intelligence, in labor and mobility. These exchanges are derived directly from Natures abundant mineral and organic resources.

Controls for continuous urban growth and change cannot rest only with the triad of Corporate, Academic, and the Politbureau. (CAP) Citizens the fourth most important factor cannot persist expending energy for the continual maintenance and operation of mobility and shelter. They are the ones that with timely patience are stewards of adding value to villages, towns, and cities. Citizens do so without due reward.

Imagination is high on the mountain, where the rivers start.  It ignites the flow.  It births something out of nothing.

Graham Kate-Eddie

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