Monday 18 December 2017


As an urban designer, I am not a fan of “freedom” itself. Rather a prisoner to my concepts, myths, delusions, demons, visions and dementia. Without them, I’d be lost… with nothing more than my brains to guide me.

The burden of idea awareness shadowed by fundamental laws, rights, constitution, legal, enforcement and politicians become a daily yolk. Acknowledgement of explicit legal functions such as Attorney General, Head Prosecutor, Justice of the Peace, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also form a dark cloud of respect

Having dealt with Federal, State, Regional, City, District and Commissions with their large subset of laws, codes and conditions, I have faced hurdles of incredible complexities to gain a permit for building structures. And then it is not over for inspections and final occupancy permit follow.

Although there is a place for these decision-making processes to enter into a physical reality, I am persuaded that these restrictions collectively are placed to prevent better urban planning and design for city growth and change.

Daily reminders and animations are troubled by conflicting impulses and irrepressible moral imperfection, but I can still live a safe, secure, abundant and beautiful life. The Master of Urban Design title as been most difficult purpose to reach with any form of deep satisfaction.

My urban design challenge is to try to keep the themes out of what I’m writing as long as possible… Einstein said it better: “No worthy problem is ever solved on the plane of its original conception.” … It’s got more integrity if it comes in of its accord.

Parker Palmer’s ennobling assertion that (“Urban Design”) – “Wholeness does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life,”

Architects careers skills such as creative problem solving, iterative thinking, information synthesizing, and project management translate well into Urban Design.

There is, however, repetitious and circular rumination.  There is thought devoted to solving a problem or analyzing a situation.  Then there is thought that occurs when one is creating something that never existed before.

As an urban designer I have been hired, fired, invited, rejected, embraced, insulted, challenged, denied, refused, ingratiated, blackballed and repeatedly asked for pro-bono offerings.

Urban Designers will have become what leading progressive economist Wilhelm Röpke had anticipated: the “stable fed” animals that depend on their masters to keep them going.”

Graham Kaye-Eddie

m.u.d.                    7/13/16           390 words


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