Tuesday 20 February 2018


All citizens make daily transactions. Making deals are misunderstood. The word has many interpretations. The dictionary splits meanings – cards, distribution, dealing with commerce and association with coupons!

Finding Deals is a daily pursuit of citizens, corporations academia, and the politbureau. These day-to-day activities underwrite bargain-shopping discoveries that tickle the fancies of finding things.

There is a persuasive commercial trade misunderstanding that does not support value increases of deals over the long-term between the private and public sectors. Politically one assumes that Democrats are the liberals and Republicans are the conservatives. Again their ineffective partnership in the making of deals has not been very productive in balancing wealth increases equitably.

On the one hand, new deals are the hallmarks found on Wall Street and Main Street as activities that purport to resolve problems in trade exchanges. On the contrary, governments tacitly fall into the trap that supports any and every measure designed to enlarge their powers, thus restricting the areas of individual freedom. In the middle is the Federal Reserve that mints money when it deems this necessary to reward flows of indebtedness.

All governments want to play “Almighty” with citizen’s money. These political ideologies do not serve the public well. A covertly private deal transacted toward massive government expenditure continues unabated. The injection of the government bureaucracy into everyday life is unstoppable. Our overwhelming red tape, in essence, drives both private and public sectors toward hybrid negotiations in light of their self-interest. Curbing government spending and keeping private enterprise as free as possible from government interference is unsustainable.

Economists fostering deals through mathematical modeling are tinkering directly with businesses and markets. One is both subject to their blinkered experiments as well as being in some degree the primary beneficiaries.

EBay, Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook open their deal findings into the way markets work. Data communication is available on computers and handheld mobile devices linked to related Apps and Advertising spinoff sales. Providing instant convenience to Internet users brings in revenues for every click. Further additional discovered information is not shared with users. These findings in other fields of interest offer deep insight for the service businesses mentioned above. Documented are, for example, gender and racial discrimination factors between buyers and sellers.

What is transpiring after signing the terms of service agreements is our willing participation “online” that shapes and reveals our living patterns to these businesses? One is continually sharing private preference profiles. Driving further engagement with the clicks one makes, economists have been applying machine learning, game theory, and economic intuition with time spent visiting “pages” to form better algorithm constructions.

Economists with algorithms and digital data are caching our personalities from which we cannot hide. One is an unwittingly subject of experiments designed by economists and data scientists. Seducing us to the desired provision of “information” and “products” allows them to tweak prices that influence supply and demand.

Experiments in this new unique field warrant reflection in the village town, a city building arena. An experiment with economics is only one means to an end based on digital numbers modeled to gain more money for companies. Where are the researchers in urban planning and design? What are transportation engineers inventing that is faster, better, cheaper? How many laboratories are there in the many interdisciplinary fields required to support experiments that create better places in which to cohabit? Do labs link together for mutual advances of holistic understanding?

Economics is but the thin glue that bonds all man made transactions for daily activities together. Urban design is about making connections between people and places, movement corridors for infrastructure utilities, and an urban framework for habitation to balance with nature’s ecological environment. Aesthetic safe, secure and durable man-made structures must build for peace, prosperity and liberty.

The Urban design draws many disciplines together toward creating a vision for a particular geographic area and then deploying and implementing the needed resources, intelligence and skills to bring a vision to life.

It will take citizens to awaken interdisciplinary urban design actions, which when combined, create the substance of future habitation deals for our years ahead.

Possibilities ring truer than limits.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.    7/5/16            703 words







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