Tuesday 20 February 2018


Nature is art, but it doesn’t seem to inspire most people to take a clue and look for other art found in urban design.

Art takes a bludgeon to the block of design.

Urban designers primary purpose is to cause millions of new worlds to be seen.

Urban designers measurable goal conceives millions of new and different spaces in harmony with Natures ecologies as new places described in words and illustrations.

Urban design shatters existing city design in an instant.

Urban design opens all doors and windows for ideas to let in light.

Urban design spits out a line of existence for everyone.

Urban design opens up the possibility of more artists coming into being.

The Urban designer chooses to be an artist for new realities.

Urban design discards fixed, stale constructs.

Urban design demands and promotes durability from new materials.

Urban design encourages manufacturing and robotic assemblies.

Urban design creates new fluid liberty in transportation.

The Urban design does the unthinkable.

Urban design creates the impossible.

Urban design reveals the intermediate incremental possibilities.

Urban plans purpose is to create differences rather than sameness.

Urban design success is expressed in practical things that can exist in reality.

Urban design proliferates.

Urban design needs patience and perseverance.

Urban design is the process of creating an unknown language.

Urban design is a place that will allow artistic endeavors to take over the launching of fresh concepts.

Urban design invents what has not been done before.

Urban design is the initiator.

The Urban design breaks traditions.

Urban design creates spaces that have never been occupied before.

The Urban design relies on a rebellion that will in retrospect be golden.

Urban design needs creative power.

Urban design one day will coagulate to save all the species on Earth.

Urban design leadership has slipped to some place where it can no longer be called to account and made responsible, where, however, it can no longer legitimatize itself or appeal to any authority.

The honor of being an urban designer is found in the substance of artistic expressions. Each designer that enjoins an urban design mission for new transportation serving future villages, towns and cities is an artist.

That’s what urban designers do as a humble contribution to humanity.


Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                        6/11/16                        377 WORDS

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