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Creative capital construction will follow into a new theater when there is a clear enough individual understanding of the global transformation taking place in our socio/cultural, economic, and environmental affairs.

Starkore City could be something or everything. The urban concept is flexible and provides a creative platform for interdisciplinary cooperation.


The mainstay economic leadership of monetary exchange is no longer providing warranted or equitable global control. Bad stuff will continue to occur from past recessions into another as it has over time past and will do so in the future. As Joseph Schumpeter has written, “ A new paradigm will evolve for capital and technology.”

Blockchain technology will revolutionize civilization far more than money: it will change our lives. There is a new system of digital record-keeping open for all to see maintained by 8,000 – 9,000 computers at different locations around the world in a distributed network.  These computers’  owned in exchange for their computer’s services. All the information found in the record is permanent – it cannot change, as each of the computers keeps a copy of the file to ensure no one can hack into the system. The collective power of all these networks is greater than the world’s top 500 supercomputers combined.

New information is added to the record every few minutes only when all the computers signal their approval. Human decision-making or behavior doesn’t enter into agreed upon two-way transactions. It is the breakthrough technology behind the digital cash system, Bitcoin, but its impact will soon be far wider than just alternative money.

What if a Bitcoin Blockchain for every digital exchange unit qualified its virtual existence with a micro unit measure of gold to substantiate its real value? Bringing an old material of value of reality to be bonded together might validate digital acceptance for future global two-way transactions. Pray, there is also a permanent Plan B if there were to be an outage power disruption!

Who will weigh this instant speedy transaction for acceptance in all sovereign nations?


Evaluation of city development projects as choices in which to invest should flow to long-term returns for wealth creation. The flows of capital interpretations these days are not distributed to all who participate in city development evolution. Not only does not demand equal pay for equal work but rather an assessment of value for people who stay play and worship the maintenance and operation in their geography of choice. A reward for each citizen applies to each for keeping and enhancing the standards of living. Evaluations for individual contributions of worth that add value to community affairs assessment qualifies with criteria for rewards.

The core this demise is partly that of Maritime laws. Treaties, statutes, jurisdictions, etc. intertwine in international waters creating a sea of confusion concerning what country is responsible for crime reporting and prosecution. Demurrage also warrants revision. In complementary currencies field, demurrage is a cost associated with owning or holding currency. It refers to as a carrying value of money.


Much “Hot Air” is rising from many issues of urban design concern. Media and their kin are either dumbing down the public on purpose or serving Corporations, Academia and the Politibureau (C.A.P.) Activities of message transmission have become downright complicit for their welfare. Sharing values toward finding the truth is not the media’s mission.

Citizens, however, are smart enough to acknowledge that bad things are happening to our world. Transparency of affairs openly promised is revealing rife corruption between public and private domains.


Some traditional boundaries have disappeared. Most geographical boundaries established by surveyors in the past needs recalculation. Even Google and GPS promise boundary accuracies but still float in mapping earth/ocean edge changes. These measures are still unresolved. Maritime laws and limits and their principles of demurrage are still unsettled and challenged by Sovereign Nations. Ecological boundaries may well become the solution by changing political territories on all continents.

The elite company’s swift and acute sharing of information substance on unexplored areas and cultural matters cannot be weighed quickly enough for their consequences by political leadership. Awakened company minds who display this new found consciousness have swiftly used this advantage by turning implicit promises into reality toward the delivery of new jobs, educational skills and technologies to aspiring people under free forms of misunderstood contracts. This diversion swiftly passages through incapacitating government regulations regarding trade restrictions.



The insatiable next step from the swift transmission of Internet trade agreements is the faintly understood yet dimly realized a need for building linkages for much-needed infrastructure to carry goods and people for purposes of export and import between continents.

The universal land edges that aspire connection are emerging into cross-cultural considerations for a new reality of transportation projects. Behind the old “silk road” many paths for new regional rail, roadbed, bridges and airport runways with port facilities are being conceived for ground transportation connections.

There are no more fears of bridging national geographic borders to advance the flow demands for new trade opportunities. However, status quo transportation still passages goods and people in these promotions. Engineering solutions are utilizing the old destructive transportation technologies that are driven by fossil fuel energies.

Governments worldwide persist in making protective regulations to slow down and impede the fast flow of people and goods with security measures, spurious regulations, and tariffs. The inclination is to fear any new technology that disrupts or impacts existing fossil fueled transportation systems.


Large-scale infrastructure planned media announcements are regular features. King Salomon and Abdul are contemplating the construction of a bridge across the Red Sea. China and Russia are proposing a bridge across the Amur River. Russia and the United States is desirous of bridging across the Bering Strait. India and Sri Lanka have joined for the 14-mile sea bridge and tunnel. Bahrain and Qatar will now venture to be joined by a “Friendship Bridge.”


Present digital leaders such as Google; (Autonomous vehicles!), Apple; (Maybe a car!), Microsoft; (General products from toilets to condoms!), Tesla; (Electric car, Hyperloop transit and Spaceship to Mars!), Amazon;(Drones!), Cisco; (City software and America Cup Yacht!) and many other digitally driven companies with different missions have joined the fray.  All are maintaining their castles while entering into the next flow of things involved with reality rather than the virtual Internet of Things. (IoT)

Transportation flows appear to be these company’s hobbyist views for the next step of common sense interest. The hidden understanding is there, but the leap into an enjoined future thrust suffers from egos. The blame of avoidance for mutual teamwork reveals the apartheid divisions controlled in education from Schooling to Academia by Governances.

This parceling of young people into divisional pathways prevents advancing scholarly collaboration that aims to further the theoretical and empirical advancement of knowledge about organizations, organizing and the contexts in which organizations operate.

This adverse approach to a future for humankind on earth is a collective contradiction and is a fear driven burden of success achieved by measured wealth and leadership standing in each particular field of exploration. It brings to fore the barriers of little change fostered between Corporations (Licensed Ghosts) Academia (School Division Separations) and the Politbureau (Influenced by Bureaucrats). (C.A.P.)

The first change required for global mobility are far greater reaching than Uber and Lyft or Hyperloop.

These activities are using their interests and monetary resources to pursue adventures into reality research and development. Applications from digital desktop engineering, modeling, simulations, mathematical algorithms, parametric statistics and air, water pressure improvement for objects that flow in our gravity environment are quite startling.

Add to this new information about air, water, thermal exchange and electromagnetic radar and laser light flows which are in tandem all advancing into new realms of knowledge at the rapid pace.

However, these natural environments are different from the vacuum of outer space. Feeble attempts to bring the intellectual engineering attributes gained from space travel to apply on earth, however, only delays Earth’s destruction with the focus of leaving this damaged planet to explore the heavens. Charity should begin at home.

This conscious effort of corporate intellectual influence if enjoined collectively should point the way to a future that is far superior to both the NASA’s and the Pentagon’s grinding attempts to improve our problems on Earth.

Intellectual clustering in these separate private domains offers far more attractive jobs for the next generation. Such job promises must begin within the North American political field. It starts with the urban design of villages, towns, and cities – tragically the most ignored area for improvement in man’s sojourn on this “Earthship.” The evidence secretly searched for and utilized by Corporations is sending the USA into a decline. Other Sovereign Nations are both copying and following North America’s urban patterns. The consequences are estranging other Sovereign Nations belief in the dollar exchange and instigating a search for a new path for urban planning, design, and development.

Research and Development agendas are now driven more by local proponents that operate outside of politbureau controls and the standard requirements for patent approval. They each search for a future in a fog with their feet in quicksand. Controls over intellectual property passed by the speed of new inventions and financing are exceptional.


Companies have both the intelligence and human skills to deploy resources by focusing missions that break sovereign nation barriers for advantageous “business deals.”

Companies conversant with the advantage of digital knowledge are dramatically changing the interface between cultures, by altering their social, economic and cultural attitudes with advantageous by securing labor and job creation and currency exchange advantages.

These few new age companies have gained extraordinary influence and are applying these individual empowerments that disregard status quo boundaries worldwide. They each in their way have extraordinary impact consequences on indigenous communities structures living in villages, towns, and cities.

Each company is empowered to influence commonwealth deployments by bringing mobile businesses into locational geographic positions with little opposition. These choices have devised new ways to locate the business for their specific advantage. Early discovery of fossil fuel deposits globally for energy resources is the best first example.

This magical “genie” has opened up a complex system that inevitably changes humankind’s negotiation agreements for trade needs globally.

The USA has an extreme advantage to influence urban growth and change at home and abroad. Fortunately, the introductions should start with education and health matters at home.

The pace of innovative introduction to enhance and distribute electronic device holders for educational purposes for a better quality of life has promoted consequences of stress for both internal and external infrastructure utility needs. These circumstances have caused a significant vulnerability in the delivery of essential public infrastructure and services in developing and under developing nations.

From pedestrian paths to advance into freeway and railway networks, to the luxury of air travel expansion and airport runways and ports to exchange goods and people on floating cities arriving for disembarkation are both unhealthy and most costly for rising nations.

Companies have more power than governments.


The centrifugal forces are attracting consistent city development improvement, is still, unfortunately, competitive in background, milieu, and climate.

The logistics of sharing mining technologies for mineral extraction and agriculture technologies to grow organic resources for usefulness are advancing to purge ancient community patterns. The centripetal forces engaged with the introduction of packages that are dispatched via rail, ship, and aircraft and on rubber tires to places where people pay for and agree to accept them.

Countries run at large by logistical supply chains. They bond themselves to borrowing currencies and hope that they can afford the product transfers to some day in the future pay off the incurred debt.

Cities that govern themselves are now communities at risk without borders. Each village, town, and urban development attempts are now trying to attract companies with more power than governments. All these actions provide evidence of the shift toward a new kind of pluralistic world system.

Hidden within the ranks of such global trade exchanges is a mental urge to belong together in a holistic sharing of information that is transmitted to computer devices spurns follow rapid delivery of new consumer products for populations needs.



Cities that attempt to run themselves are at the mercy of outside influences. Internal physical change is slow moving. Integrating new technologies into villages, towns, and cities are held down by fear, regulations, codes and legal glitches.

General satisfaction of urban life is on a Ferris wheel of unwillingness to take a risk for something new that performs better when it comes to occupying land areas, urban footprint, green space, and ways to get around.

Citizens accept the burden of taxes, with tacit compliance in their daily patterns of commuting to obtain the groceries. Adapting to the Ferris wheel of existence becomes the norm.

City territories are a jumble of district services and changing political boundaries dependent on population densities. Election and appointment of leadership are stuck with uninformed and stubborn attachment to unsubstantiated boundary patterns. Property value increases enhanced with urban design growth and change is limited.

Cities are pressured to be driven by “climate change”. This trend is surreptitious. What underlies this diversion is the fact that it is the villages, towns, and cities that need to be re-thought and re-designed. Forces of Nature are now pitted against man’s intelligence of capital and technological capabilities to invest wisely in introducing a new mobility system to serve spatial habitation groupings in safe places.


Family communities are broken down in submission to social structures that have initial educational, ecumenical and recreational frameworks. Family breakups occur for many reasons such as scholarships, passage to Colleges and Universities, new job opportunities, career changes, marriages, divorces, and deaths.

Immigration outgoing and incoming flows will continue appearing and disappearing. The insatiable need for belonging to a group of “like-minded individuals” still attempts to resolve loneliness. Joining a religious, non-profit, business, professional, sports, music, arts, or many other associations and societies, is always available for temporary special interest satisfaction.

The digital social mediation on-line has filled a gap of virtual relationships. The virtual process has expanded practical needs for some extraordinary niches that are far more temporal than permanent in their daily influence.

Barriers between people enjoying face to face communication are fading somewhat but now are entering a rather hybrid future where enlightenment of interaction is either well connected or radically disconnected.

Time-based assemblies have caused many incendiary protests against “overlords” on many different issues of personal concerns. These incidences will not dissipate as the general public is now beginning to understand more clearly the governing complexities of life controls both in the four economic freedom rights and that of their ability to use the fifth freedom that of “rights of way” for the liberty of movement.


Governments conspire to secure trade missions between wealthy and emerging nations to form regional federations for their self-interests.

The intent is to placate trade negotiations for advantages that purport to raise standards for the export/import of goods. These mediation agreements devised with protections of the gatekeepers interests which regulate tariffs and other restrictions to “level the playing field” for even exchanges.

Commonwealth formations such as the EUROPEAN UNION, ASEAN, CARICOM, EAC, NAFTA, TPP, and the SOUTH AMERICA UNIONS are borderless arrangements that do not attempt to rebalance the principle needs of human survival but rather enables the transfer of consumer goods. Requirements of products deemed necessary for consumption still demands shipments.  The fossil fuel transportation system still, unfortunately, harms our planet’s environment.


Socio/cultural, economic and environmental affairs together cast a dim gray shadow over extensive interactions. They do, however; provide evidence of a new transition toward a pluralistic world “system.” Competition is diminishing while recklessness highlights Commonwealth trade formations.

Companies are fast flexing their self- interests in a similar fashion as the drive west of early American settlers confronting Native American Indians. Initial placative offerings such as alcohol and beads for land acquisition controls was a mask for warfare empowerments. Plundering and killing have assumed a more subtle system of insertion in this century. Cultures who are in need of survival handouts accept them unknowingly for economic enslavement. Little has changed from colonial day conquerors.

However, the thoughtful sharing of the new class of “intellectual elites” cannot penetrate their separate individual actions to form a middle ground collaboration for the next step forward to link nations together These companies rather enjoy their success with honors from Wall Street measurements for their enormous transformational quantum leap of imbalanced disruption.

Starkore City with the integration of ET3 mobility is together when consolidated with an overriding new material for manufacturing for construction, and health matters will provide the beginning of a future urban design synthesis. The ranks of interdisciplinary collaboration between the Corporations, Academia, and Politbureau, will in the distant future come to terms with less talk and more doing.

Urban design for new alternative “city placement” on all continents, as well as, “city fixes” is dependent on the fifth freedom of rights – a new transportation system.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.             4/25/16, 5/2/16, 7/17/16    2890 WORDS


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