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One gives feeble thought to design decision-making that incrementally impacts our environment forever. We are bad planners about making steps toward real urban transformation.

The starting line of innovative urban design begins with a vision for future jobs. History provides clear evidence of wealth building for populations each time a new mobility means is inserted to move people and goods.

Governance ruled by people in government services with deep fears of their daily living patterns of service. Politicians and bureaucrats hold hands in status quo actions. Democratic investment priorities must first dramatically secure renewable energy generation for transportation flows for all living things on this planet.

Current divergent investment is first focused on warfare and then on outer space exploration. A small percentage of investment monies from both of these interests should be spent rather on improving urban mobility, habitat and living on this planet.

A re-examination of proportionate human dwelling areas to fit with green areas must be installed immediately into a balanced ecological race for both human and earth’s self-reliance for the next generation.

Somehow self-interests are not centripetal regarding the synthesis of village, town and city development (directed toward the center), but self-interests are more likely to diverge into unique centrifugal niche marketplaces. (directed away from the center).

The climate change issue attempts to resolve itself globally with only “scientific experts.” This effort shall fail as it ignores interdisciplinary execution from the bottom up.

There are many transportation technologies available for introduction into our urban world. Few have considered the final step. The choice made was ET3. The key advantages of this technology are that one can reduce pollution, add renewable energy to service, provide speed from point to point at less cost for infrastructure. This capability allows for challenging the placement of engineering knowledge from outer space exploration and brings it to serve future earth civilization.

Reinvestment must necessarily focus on small and intermediate urban development, as well as, long-term “fix-ups” to correct Metropolitan area faults in unsustainability. Analysis of “big data” should beget a prognosis for a future subsequent development periods. A synthesis must follow to establish a new practical yet determined reality path in the next evolution of mobility for people and goods.

Major disruptive change is a paramount concern. Energy and Transportation are the two priority resources for the movement to trade worldwide.

Energy and movement are paramount for survival.  Without energy and motion, there is no life.  Such two intersections new connections globally will force the present straitjackets of international trade agreements to disappear. Trade was, is and shall be the golden girdle of transactions for universal liberty.

A mixed-use transportation system that is less expensive to travel in for all is mandated. It must have pedestrian access as well as the opportunity to buy, rent or lease a small electric three-wheeled vehicle. People like driving.  Plan A should provide an autonomous vehicle. However, Plan B  backup should allow a car to be manually driven. One cannot waste the existing roadbed infrastructure investment found in our nationwide network, the freeway system in larger cities, as well as the dusty rural roadways.

New infrastructure channels from home as a safe place of rest to reach desired activities 24/7 from point to point for the entire local to global populations can be expedited using current technologies at far less expense. Speed, safety, and comfort must reduce the time between embarkation and disembarkation.

To engage in bridging a transportation design future, one must start with a World War II mentality that supported the soldier at the battle-front. Urban logistics to serve each family living in an urban environment set in defined ecological boundaries is an urgent mission. Execution challenges both geographical and political boundaries for city design.

The thoughtless conventional status quo forces that confront this future urban design possibility are in lock step together in ignorant opposition to better design options. Corporate, academic, politbureau, fossil energy companies, urban developers, media, scientists and environmental skeptics are each separately creating a disservice towards peace, prosperity and liberty for humankind.

The cause and effect with no means and ends to an urban design with any critical understanding and or appropriate evaluation of circumstances finds a bevy of uncooperative disciplines ruled by individual expert self-interests and egos. Each discipline has different ideas about future city planned life compatibility and integration with Nature. The proposed Starkore city design will cause a disruption of existing patterns of urban growth and change.

Few new ways are discovered to endorse holistic intelligence and common sense in civil matters. The current framework of teamwork for consensus building about villages, towns, and cities founded on “Big Data” analysis, codes, regulations and ill-written laws by individuals are bound only by superior controls over urban dwellers.

Urban transformation cannot take place in urban futures proposed by a single group of credentialed experts. The discontent between for-profit and nonprofit has harmed urban growth and change worldwide. It is a surreptitious game between givers and takers,

To digitize new urban villages, growing into towns and cities require the establishment of a virtual design laboratory meeting place. Here one must essentially meter the flows of words and illustrations to record and share future urban monograms. Such frequent interdisciplinary intersections in the flow of life’s mission need to pursue individualism into coalitions for the redesign of cities on earth.

Populations, in general, are complicit in surrendering to a variety of small groups who desire social reform to right the inequities found between the individual and collective.  Shared beliefs and values of humankind in its evolution disallow exploration to encounter positive advancement from poverty and tribulation for the majority to prosper.

Wealth distribution flows via a new world order is not the answer. If, for example, global standards between the USA and adoption of worldwide metric tables and formulas for temperature, length, area, volume and weight parameter are not achievable. How might it be possible to agree on new technology, flow and speed rates for transportation standards?

The dollar standard as a reserve currency raises tensions and challenges internationally. After 150 years of experimentation the world’s population has yet to resolve it’s floating rates in its financial system.  (http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2014/07/global-monetary-system)

Energy insufficiency still faces all on earth’s continents. Nuclear, coal and other electricity generator industries are attempting to improve the service. The wind, solar, ocean tide, thermal and hydroelectric generation are advancing experimental technologies yet are not replacing robust existing systems.

“Enjoy life now. It has an expiration date!”

“Invest, not Invade,”

“Fish gotta swim, birds, gotta fly, and empires gotta live by the sword until they are finally put to death by it,” Agora Inc. founder Bill Bonner once mused. He was speaking, of course, of America’s empire — and it’s roughly 800 (military) bases. But the principle is universal.

“Forging peace is our mission”.

Only to be achieved by creating performance transportation and building materials for Habitat in villages, towns, and cities. If adopted this proposed alternative direction must insert new mobility flows. Integrating the Engineering wealth in outer space to adapt to earth’s gravity will have extraordinary consequences for trading exchanges and liberty of movement between all cultures thus creating a plethora of new jobs.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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