Monday 18 December 2017


1. Habitats should locate with geographic alignments underwritten by magnetic fields and ley-lines with a Sacred Center point marker that acknowledges both Religion and Science.

2. Habitats need geometrical and mathematical triangular networks are underwriting a creation aligned with Natures geometries as a strategy for design.

3. Habitats need to begin with a precise relationship of safe geographic placement with links to the heavenly constellations before 2050.

4. Habitats should use existing knowledge to explore a transportation system offering point-to-point accessibility to individual/family residences for 24/7 liberty of mobility service wisely.

5. Habitats need to reinvent misguided agriculture practices. The resulting divisions of labor, educational separation means of trade exchange, applications toward “commons” needs revision. Use of surplus land applying specific 3D land-use for passage of people and goods should be mandatory.

6. Habitats should work in harmony with Nature’s ecological boundary to grow into a workable solution recognizing life in the four seasons on earth.

7. Habitats are incremental evolutionary human
constructs to reflect a primary freedom of movement in all forms of mobility as well as new superior and durable material utilization.

8. Habitats that endorse mining of minerals to create energy from rare material resources must do so in a manner to heal and build complementary constructs for settlements.

9. Habitat survivability occurs with clean air and perpetual water flow to nurture organic resources for sustenance and Self-Sufficiency.

10. Habitats should be cognizant of rough earthly ocean edges and geological settings for safe living environments.

11. Habitats must be symbols expressed as a“Tree of Life”.

12. Habitats should respond as a united people solution.

13. Habitat frameworks for growth and change should be created to heal the earth.

14. Settlers should prepare to accept reality evidence as truths for decision-making action in an instant for a looming crisis.

15. Habitats must be exemplary places that distinctly and uniquely improve present status quo in indigenous context for beautiful creations.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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