Monday 18 December 2017


This begins with both ignorant and enlightened people. The flow of truthful communication between individuals and community is ignored. Future village, town and city settlers are tacitly wrecking the earth.

The economic system bonded to fraudulent monetary exchange defies voluntary intelligence and skill contribution “values” to be measured. These circumstances set aside creative relevance to transitional urban design futures.

The expectation for transportation improvement requires an enhanced understanding for movement found in holographic molecules. This might be illusionary for most individuals but becomes essential for community volition to advance mobility-served spaces from point to point between local and regional locations.

The imagination of each individual should not be diminished. Looking for improvement demands things that are seen but also at things that are not seen. Future transportation capabilities are an essential future cause for progress.

The world’s population already has both the knowledge and the manufacturing capability to unfold a new transportation system for worldwide benefits. The technologies that collapse time and distance with speed and comfort with energy and capacity efficiencies is with us yet not utilized to cut carbon pollution.

However, urban design relationships and measures exhibiting improved flows in infrastructure and building construction must be founded with a new material. This is available. Both become the trim tab for shaping new social, cultural and spiritual forms of travel to serve urban futures.

No more thoughtless habits and abnormalities in our present way of getting around. No more disasters on the ground, in the air or on the seas.

Natural mineral resources drawn with excavation methods to be converted into useful products, from microelement composites to macro element forms is important. Reduction of energy consumption for all things must provide product efficiencies and lifecycle durability.

Human survival principle adoption from the individual/family to internal involvement inside a new community is paramount. Woven inter-relationships must attract an enthusiastic life adventure, accompanied by strong rewards, that clarify a mission of spiritual harmony and beauty for advancing living together on earth.

The collective purpose is to create man-made things above, on and under the ground in convergence with the predominant flow forces and cycles of Nature. A humble observance of frugal self-sufficiency principles must provide for balanced urban growth and change. This creates wealth for all and respect for both Nature and Man’s place on Earth.

To administer a transition sequence from present to future requires common sense driven by practices and patterns of decision-making that should channel practical steps into appropriate development. This promotes an urban future that must integrate harmoniously with Nature.

The prime goal for city urban design and development achievement, is to ultimately qualify a measured zero damage evaluation of consequences to the natural environment.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D. 9/8/15 448 WORDS

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