Monday 18 December 2017


As city-makers, each of us as individuals is the first person to blame for misguided actions. From agricultural practices and divisions of labor. The means of trade exchange is the core problem. Applications toward the value of “commons”, the use of surplus land and land-use for passage of people and goods is fraudulent.

The evolutions of these physical manifestations are wrecking the relationship between man-made communities. The resources and abundance of Natures provisions for our living patterns are catastrophically handled. A bonded common sense survival approach should become paramount.

1. To cause positive growth and change evolution involves people to suffering disaster and destruction.
2. All are quietly, tacitly and somewhat unknowingly allowing such to happen.
3. This complexity of circumstances raises suffering, ruin and dilapidation.
4. In the USA our Corporate, Academic and Politbureau “leadership” is in the act of initiating the wrecking of the Earth for humankind.
5. Buildings, infrastructure, and open spaces are being reduced to ruins of misuse.
6. Cultures worldwide are therefore both unfortunately in following these practices have become desirous and capable of destroying everything.
7. The global populations insane wish is involvement in the process of separation, tearing down, blowing up or demolishing man-made and natural things. The result is devastating negative consequences.
8. Present leadership leads with a minority group engaged in the status quo of wrecking things that are sacred to civilization’s evolution.
9. All sovereign nations are therefore wreckers of peace.

Demands for some serious thought needs a holistic solution. City making never stops. Humble applications of knowledge to improve man’s capability of keeping in balance with Nature is the purpose for harmonious living.

Man’s poor understanding of control must be achieved by embedding life practices under Nature’s dominance. The consummate challenge is to do so harmoniously for living together on this Planet.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D. 9/7/15 294 words

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