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The leadership in GOOGLE has made extraordinary advances in educating the world’s population with recording and spreading volumes of words and images. Via the Internet networks this knowledge base has spread to global populations with electronic devices, the consequences of which have yet to be assessed.

GOOGLE is missing a vision for mankind that reside in cities. This new mission of “SIDEWALKS” is short sighted. Their venture into energy improvements still continues. Their significant advance in transportation is most commendable. What is most troubling is GOOGLE has misplaced priorities for advancing research and development, for realistic overall growth into the world, as we know it.

The new venture “developing innovative technologies to improve cities.” is but another burst of a disconnected adventure into a short-term analysis that lacks human principles and values connected to earths abundant gifts for better living.

Relationships must be forged between the many disciplines that are presently separated. City development should begin with a holistic framework sponsored by rapid communication to reveal effective improvements. This depends on gathering intelligence from interdisciplinary groups bound together with collaboration. The transfer of meaningful thought patterns from chosen individuals to advance urban innovation requires both “head and hand” deliberation.

There are three important innovative steps to venture together into an urban future. First is the chemistry of new materials for construction. Second is how one builds new transportation means to serve villages towns and cities. Third the ultimate challenge is to offer better 3D designs for habitation.

One cannot only analyze singular existing city elements for incremental improvement to establish transformative urban changes. Setting goals to focus toward a comprehensive future for improved human living environments from analysis to prognosis should be determined. Where are the imaginative examples of city synthesis?

GOOGLE has ventured into transportation and made exceptional short-term technology inroads. The transfer of digital code expression simulations to see where one might be travelling grounded with gravity in spatial environments is most important. Accomplishing a two-seated small vehicle that has and will transform present short-term mobility patterns is what one needs to evolve into getting around from point to point only as a beginning.

What considerations should then come in partnership to truly resolve the severe reality problems that city-dwellers face every day? Start with primary individual needs. Compute sufficient primary requirements for individual clean air, water, food/fiber and energy to also include communications for educational inputs per day.

Creation of alternative design scenarios to set up a framework for distances between things, energy consumed and time taken is primary.

First one must define eco-boundaries that connect specific indigenous resources in specific geographic settings.

Secondly improvement of settlement movement patterns between each land-use area given to adequate village, town and city proportions becomes paramount.

Third the scale of villages, towns and city formations should provide evidence of livable, flexible and vibrant communities. Such evaluations that can acknowledge village family clusters for example to enable individual recognition and recall of majority community names are indispensable.

The most ignorant factor in city creation for humankind is that urban planning is charted on colored maps separating functions in order to live together in a planar dimensional world. With present technologies that GOOGLE has created for the flow of things in 3D space, why not move forward into creating a three-dimensional urban plan that should biomimic, reveal and respect natures principles?

Who can stand up positively to donate toward the improvement of city life in all domains of expertise? Who can truthfully and honestly say they are part of a new team that seeks and applies knowledge and peace for mankind?

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.           6/13/15           603 WORDS


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