Monday 18 December 2017


THE URBIS CONCEPT is well illustrated as a devise to carry a person around on three wheels. One hopes for added technologies to be integrated for personal safety, stability and protection from the elements (rain and snow) for human comfort.


After experiencing Sedgeway in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the devise is not safe for either seniors or youngsters to use. Balance was the core problem. The security force on duty had several accidents (although skilled with the devise) They fell or crashed themselves after months of use. They said they had bumped into people walls and other things unanticipated, even with a “hooter” warning. Bodily injury and insurance became a problem. The USA cities balked at its introduction and have created legislation regarding their non-use on urban sidewalks and other functions. Thus the technological devise has been faulted for use on pathways with pedestrians. However it has had some risky penetrating use for travelers in Europe.

There are many more things to include as an alternate form of travel for humankind.

FIRST – consider the ergonomics of spatial use required and comfort for a measured two hour journey with internal and external communication capabilities;

SECOND – the range of human users – Young and Old and Wheel Chair Access on smooth or rough pathways.

THIRD – the lightweight, scaled to fit, maneuverability and durability of the vehicle concept;

FOURTH – the vehicle and energy cost related to furthest point-to-point distance achieved.

FIFTH – the availability of the devise to autonomously arrive at the door for travel users from nearby storage areas.

SIXTH – the opportunity for integrated mixed use access from a wheel chair to a “MOPOD” (ET3) into a transportation technology capsule that is reachable as a pedestrian, or as a “MOPOD” user into portals located in a village, town and city, must become part of the solution. This advanced stream of connected mobility must surpass the present interface connections of current transportation inconvenience and vast fossil fuel energy and land-use consumption.

SEVENTH – the transportation system proposed must have an emergency backup system in place for capsules to reverse to portals in order to exit if there is a catastrophic event.

EIGHTH – The overall transportation system thus united, must prove to be less expensive to construct; reduce M&O cost; monitor and offer instant communication for passengers; substantiate capacity of advanced flows to offer less ticket costs per mile for people and goods movement.

NINTH – The proposed transportation system must be flexible enough to offer other services not presently available such as swift, secure and safe transportation for special items of all sorts of essential products for example – organs; injured/sick folk, emergency food items and supplemental equipment to disaster areas. Likewise equipment needs for tools and construction elements must be scaled in size and weight for transportation to regions, states, nations and continents.

TENTH – The entire concept is a practical venture forward, but faces wise manufacturers accepting a few changes to their individual processes of manufacturing and production to join together with the available intelligence in transportation matters that have already reached into outer space and are not presently challenged to begin with some charity applications on earth.

IN SUMMARY the “Hempadobe/Starkore City/ ET3” concept will be undertaken only when there is an interdisciplinary component of designers collected together for entrepreneurship in a laboratory setting of “like-minded” individuals, who can collaborate and be challenged for this next transformative step in getting from point to point. The jobs created are too vast to imagine and forecast correctly in all the sectors impacted for our transportation and urban futures.

The Urbis Concept is excellent for advancement to fit into a HOLISTIC future.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.              6/9/15               607 words

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