Monday 18 December 2017


The goal is to create new transportation for new cities.

Today one ignores the life giving relationships between cities receiving Natures provisions of abundance.

Presently one can define our belief origins as found in the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

Communication for advancing urban change needs a truthful conversation between the individual and the group. Each one of us has been gifted with empowerments for maintaining the health and safety of all living things.

It is paramount to work at the right integrated scale that nature prescribes with many examples for short-term and long-term flows of life. Establishing individual needs for clean air, water, food/fiber energy, education and communications are the principles underlying adoption of inventive technologies for urban growth and change.

How settlements are founded, how they ought to be, how one wants them to be, how they are to be continued, presents both temporal and eternal opportunities.

Urban design is the quest to make beauty out of necessity and better comprehend the consequences and risks taken during our sojourn on this planet.

Citizens at large should be condemned for destroying the substance of freedom in order to feebly live with compromise. Energy travel requirements driven by fossil fuel, pollute the air and limits future paths of getting around more swiftly and safely. Using less energy from point to point for travel comfort is an attainable goal.

Our blind arrogance in these matters of urban development allows for growing global populations to destroy the world with present living habits in urban settlements. This pattern is not sustainable.

Acquired knowledge to intelligently address urban design, demands quantitative and qualitative relief from distress found in our present industrial and ecological cultures.

The ability to change our urban design approach starts with oneself. T.S. Eliot’s unflinching witness to the disease and conflicts of our times: “We are living the death of our culture and the world” is a terrible truth.

Urban design survival demands an emergency prognosis for our living planet. Land-use suffers under much misinterpretation and misuse. Land resources for communities, requires application of self-sufficiency actions first before market trade expansion.

Resource extraction must occur in a determined recovery time for the elements mined or harvested. Energy requirements for resource conversion into useful products must be assessed. Life cycle worthiness must also be revealed. Given that element depletion will occur and cannot be continued as a goal, an alternative solution should then be established to drive for other innovative mineral and/or organic substance replacements.

Urban design has been the most ignored challenge facing mankind. It implies the expectation for both small and large solutions being integrated. This calls for integrated interdisciplinary solutions. The paramount setting for the advancement of urban design progress requires a laboratory framework with a wise guidance system for a life-time continuation of enquiry. Thought curiosity processes for mind stimulation, as well as, a reality demonstration of intelligently applied technological tools for appropriate development becomes the prime assessment for both population and earth survival.

Pencil and paper sketches evolving into urban design solutions with virtual computer modeling that takes advantage of hand-crafted applications into scaled 3D printing and then further into robotic CNC applications is the future reality pattern to be adopted for urban design. The final test is the ratification of full-scale practical prototype solutions. There is no shortage of technological gadgets to adopt in construction projects. Drones, GoPro, Oculus Rift, augmented reality 360 degree cameras, 3D laser Scanners, GIS systems, Sensors and Actuators. Adoption and astute installation of some of these technologies is the pathway for future man-made transportation, village, town and city improvements.

A new macro transportation technology system that not only serves local mobility with an exemplary example of spatial, structural, functional and energy efficiency standards, as well as, showing the capability of seamless expansion into regions and continents is then a prime goal directive. To bring about such travel criteria to deliver people and goods should determine peace, prosperity and liberty to all Nations.

Together with the application of new micro materials to be manufactured and developed with substantial performance and structural strengths, must result in capabilities for advanced shelter enclosures that offer imaginative alternatives. The creation of clustered building groupings to establish beautiful indigenous villages in a worldwide ecological and geographical framed network setting, must be constructed.

Secure and safe transportation and shelter stability then comes into being, as a work set into a contextual framework that conveys both essential and simple “Head and Hand” instructions.

Such an awakening to cleanse the Earth cannot be cured with human ignorance and arrogance but rather by an assembly of humble intelligence. Robert Frost suggests: “I bid you a one-man revolution – The only revolution coming”.

Urban design, science and art must converge to become the newly found spiritual counter revolution to be realized in geographic places where indigenous settlements exhibit self-sufficiency and are well balanced in their supportive ecological landscape. Habitations must therefore be clarified therein via an appropriate population scale with surrounding natural resources.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.       835 Words             5/18/15




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