Monday 18 December 2017




  1. New habitats need geographic alignments with magnetic field concentrations and/or ley-lines.
  2. New habitats need geometrical and mathematical diagrams to underwrite the creation of an urban design message that can be seen from space.
  3. New habitats need to begin with a specific relationship of geography placement and link to the heavenly constellations before 2050.
  4. New habitats should use known knowledge to wisely explore linkages from earth to heaven in reality 3D dimensions.
  5. New habitats should work in harmony with Nature’s ecology to grow into a workable solution in four seasons for life on earth.
  6. Nature must be nurtured and reflected in habitations to prepare clear operational understanding and wisdom with the purpose to link singularly to our heavenly constellation.
  7. New city site selection for placement of habitation must establish a center point as a sacred site that is underwritten by both Religion and Science.
  8.  Evolutionary habitats are human constructs and should reflect a primary freedom of movement in all forms as well as new durable material utilization.
  9. Habitats represent mining of minerals to create energy resources in order to build constructs in safe places.
  10. Habitat survivability occurs with perpetual water and organic resources for sustenance and survival.
  11. Habitats should be cognizant of earthly settings for safety in geomantic nodes that coordinate with magnetic and gravitational markers.
  12. Habitats should be formed as a “Tree of Life”.
  13. Habitat should respond as a united people problem solution.
  14. Habitat forms should be created to heal the earth.
  15. Occupied habitats should prepare to accept evidence as truths in an instant.
  16. Habitats should be created as exemplary places that distinctly and uniquely improve the existing status quo in all its humanely yet essential contexts.


Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.           4/4/15            279 words

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