Tuesday 20 February 2018


Formulating and choosing the right team to design a village, town or city is and has always been a problem. The primary question to ask is the obvious one — who leads?

The next question might be how one interacts in a timely manner with chosen team members to create decisions of value along the process of the proposed project development.

Assessing human resources in numerous disciplines leads to a minefield of questioning possible team members in order to clearly understand the truth behind the reality of individual skills and experiences.

To choose the right persons with knowledge capabilities in each required field, means selecting them for prior actions of interest in clean air, water, food/fiber, energy, communication and transportation flows serving settlements.

Possibly the most important aspect relationship is honest teamwork decision making in building trust and faith together to consider open collaboration toward a winning development concept for implementation.

Individuals are different in name, age, memories and abilities. Each has unique handwriting styles, gender, cultural background, artistic talents, foreign language fluency and IQ.  Individuals will act for themselves initially when they share knowledge transfers with other team members. These exchanges can either be helpful or harmful. It is difficult to be integrated onto a “field of play” with some common time and resource rules for project development.

Organizational management must somehow incorporate team members patriotism, religious beliefs, word meanings and their interpretations, actions against cultures and their own musical vibrations.

Not only does each team members reading habits embed certain characteristics of hope and fear to share collaboratively, but also carries prior individual reality interaction with Bank-sters, Polit-ricksters, Bureau-cracksters, Attorney-shapesters, Academic-upsters, Enviro-stopsters, Geoengineer-imposters, Biogen-changesters and many other “do-gooder” groups of self proclaimed minority entities, who have stained the minds of the majority.

The warping of these specific understandings does not help collective morphing of fresh virtual ideas and theories to reach reality. The holistic revisions that need to be made for inventing a new framework for citizen survival and a possible sustainable balance between cities man-made things and Natures freely given abundance are at the moment most difficult to attain.

Thus villages, towns and cities with their inevitable growth and change are still divided and misunderstood in cohesive forms for implementation. The thinking behind each diverse discipline is still in analytical stasis. The powerful forces of status quo cannot reach equilibrium in each of their separate established organizations and the licensed disciplines that function today.

A village, town and city building truce must be exchanged to better form the quality of life on this earth. How amazing to think that only one celebration, the adoption and birth of a future transportation vision could bring a brief pause to one of the most destructive city building time periods in the history of civilization.

Such a Starkore City core design team concept with the right team members must then apply prognosis and synthesis to bring about overall balance. Intellectual morality with a new founded attitude for Peace, Prosperity and Liberty must be conceived. Only intelligence applied to local geographic areas will bring appropriate future urban development to all continents. This means an awakening of cultures found in all sovereign nations that must be educated and involved to adopt a future vision of transportation serving urban habitations.

Let us begin the story with people who have both the creative software and hardware technological capabilities that we need to deploy in such a team partnership formulation, for a remarkable new urban future.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.          619 words             12/31/14


Readings of interest:

1. American Citizens a Lyric by Claudine Rankine.

2. Action against Religion – Christ Actually by James Carroll.

3. Can’t and Won’t Stories by Lydia Davis

4. The Interior Circuit a Mexico City Chronicle by Francisco Goldman.



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