Tuesday 20 February 2018


One needs an urban design — VISION for a better city building future.

 Do not imagine on your last breath that one should follow the status quo transportation we live with today.

The boot stomping on all global inhabitants by the fossil fuel collective forces on the present status quo settlement patterns, blocks future city building advances — FOREVER.

Once people are indoctrinated with such present nationalistic city structural transportation beliefs, it worsens  all activities that occur over time and limits promises for advanced movement alternatives.

The present infrastructure requirements are terminating the liberties for citizens and goods to reach destinations for speedier, safer, more efficient and less time consuming movements. Allowances for increased capacity of flows within the existing transportation system themselves cannot survive with the increasing demands to travel.

Travel trip consequences contaminate the air, water and food, as well as, land-use consumption. These factors need thoughtful solutions. The supporting structural platforms for our transport mechanisms to exist use are collapsing from constant neglect, aging, policy making, operation and management concerns with severe added tax burdens given to both personal and goods expenses, that depend upon escalating financial investments for infrastructure development.

Creating practical inventive technical answers to provide for ever-expanding population pressures on urban growth and change to retain sustainability, now becomes paramount. The solutions must become the savior for freedom found in physical movement 24/7, toward forming a new quality of urban living places.

The result must be evaluated with the capability for people to regain — PEACE, PROSPERITY AND LIBERTY.

By the time all of the parts and pieces are placed into an all-inclusive whole, the urban VISION proposed, as a transformative concept, should produce the opportunity to regain freedom lost in present transportation motion.  Promises to achieve such a future freedom must be instituted soon to improve daily living patterns.

Nothing happens until people move. When this happens people begin to wear down over a time period. Our Natural systems also have a time cycle of growth and decay.

The current transportation movement systems are wearing out. So should our travelling machines not be afforded a new future transformative VISION, to carry us from point to point?

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.               17/16/14             363 WORDS

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