Tuesday 20 February 2018


The most progressive vision to be developed in this world is one of greater travel reach to satisfy our insatiable curiosity to explore all areas on this earth. USA now suffers a numbing intellectual deficit in undertakings where it used to lead, but now is systematically underinvesting in the greatest mega project opportunity advancement ever ventured – that of high-speed ground transportation.

The loss of grasp on this paramount mobility logic deems it necessary to meet this attitude paralysis front on. The tilt toward tax and spend must give way to fund more spending on the “infrastructure” of movement for people and goods. Leaving infrastructure to the private sector eliminates the broad social returns of such spending. The hat trick is to invest in a better high-tech transportation network that exceeds current “fix-it” for energy generation alternatives, roads, bridges, dams, air and seaports to rather yield long-term economic efficiencies; that results in head and hand workers earning good income; and allows spending of that income to reverberate throughout an uplifted economy.

Common sense? Is it not time to display America’s superior capabilities in accepting and using vast transportation insight and knowledge accrued with outer space intelligence and skill experience, by allowing such a technological capability be transferred to penetrate into advanced civil movement for people and goods? It is time to spend much thought and action on new building materials and inventive manufacturing processes for housing and structures at large. These two factors alone would have the “Noah” effect to push the stagnation we face out of the battered closed minded thinking of the financial and political spheres. What is lacking is vision and determination that integrates these dimensions to enhance peace, prosperity and a new liberty to be found in motion.

California State’s highest court cannot decide on the importance of future transportation issues. The California High Speed Rail (CAHSR) Project current plan is not only too far afield from the one promised to the voters in 2008 and cannot promise funding plans, subsidies and travel times, but has failed in ethics and morality serving the underlying legalities found in the entire matter.

This is an example of how strong transportation decisions are needed to advance civil liberties. Citizens have a source of empowerment and investment in good government. Transportation is the most useful thing we do in shared space together. This is followed with a commitment toward investment in travelling that should be unencumbered in some new mobility form of speed and safety to reach desired destinations. We are now becoming aware of and are burdened with a terminating, unaffordable tax and spend group of transportation policies. Coming to terms with this general mobility failure must surely focus our future attention on a primary new transportation technology.

Promising such futures require wise, compassionate and practical solutions. Corporate, Politbureau and Academic resistance from the “influential class” has been both ferocious and persistent over decades as is seen in the above CAHSR project. A reproach to the status quo involvement in American transportation decision-making requires rearticulating shared values in future transportation technologies.

Starkore City should be most carefully evaluated as the promises it shares can be delivered.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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