Tuesday 20 February 2018


Urban design principles for Earths survival must change. Solutions have been choked by singular blindness of unsubstantiated economic monetary exchange leadership that does not understand value in many things.

Makabusi Inc. simply needs the world to become a better place for all life. Villages, towns and cities are forming against all evidence of current natural and development forces. Whether tested or not the cause for optimism is defied by it’s tailings in solid and liquid waste matter.  Urban development exists with unfounded rumors mired in unverified economic logic.

Distant global cites are “copycatting” things that are designed precisely for common familiarity globally. Most people who have migrated into USA bring with them memories of homelands when they arrive. One forgets the ingrained family conditioning of early upbringing. For many reasons immigrants won’t return to prior cultures.  Nothing is simple where we live now.

One is continually under the mist of technology advances that promise to come into reality – sometime in the future. Machines or robots are to be in service of mankind. These are connected presently with fluids in contact with the faces that are divided, linked, nested, chained and/or then disassociated. When these technologies are no longer useful or superseded with better performance characteristics they are summarily discarded.

The greatest challenge is to first conceive futures collectively with many people drawn from their respective fields of discipline in order to shape villages, towns and cities.  As with Nature one must start with understanding the flows that commonly balance environmental interactions with man made artifacts.

This starts with observing Natures microscopic environments. Visual insights that inspire concepts sourced for example from atmospheric water vapor evolving into snowflakes is a fine pattern for land planning. Eskimos have described snow with 64 words. Respect for snow reveals deep understanding of the beauty and variety entailed in a harsh living environment that burden sustainable living patterns.

Starkorecity turns away from ancient highways, airways and shipping ways for transportation. New mobility ways must be formed at the intersection of agriculture founded in indigenous natural environment ecology. This enables cities to be reformed abruptly for sustainability with newly appropriated “public spaces”. In reality the city should with its population and geographic setting become a unique art form.

The current individual architectural structures created as spaces either by “Star Architects” or designers are fractious and divisive in nature. The response is fashionable and wanton of a desperate departure from the normal orthogonal geometry. Merging the digital realm of filmmaking with urban design should be a creational form to which all life has to aspire to balance the earth.

City renewal means knocking down buildings, roadways and infrastructure to clear space for light penetration as well as to reveal and recreate “black soil” for “green space” area networks. The present village, town and city is influenced by lobbyists and managed by a partnership of corporations, politbureau, and academia who are not uninterested in history or in future urban design growth and least of all change. Cities live in an everyday present.

The tacit agreements between the collective of enlightened self-interest between Corporations, Politbureau, Academia wrings dollars from the taxpayers for their own beneficial profits. Their quick tongues favor their own projects introduced into the urban realm.

This perpetuates the fact that villages, towns and cities are hardly providing clean decent rides anymore. Mostly all of us make our own way in individual niches for personal survival. One has been guided into these life forms via government education and state permission to practice professions with licenses. Lacking understanding in other parts of our civilization activities only recognizes citizens as but a minute cog that only turns the wheels of exchange.

Humanity must be focused not on just what the meaning of what could be, but what also should be. This means learning not only from observation of microelements, but also how such revelations should be framed into macro systems for good use. This portends in the reordering of gatekeeper permit requirements, separate zoning and parade of compliance to rules, regulations, codes and ordinances.

Villages, towns and cities have failed to fulfill America’s Constitutional principles of safety, security and liberty in their governmental leadership. How do cities adopt their position to either protect the powerless or to circumscribe the powerful? Many citizens seem to be in a job where there is little balance between right and wrong. This gives rise to a cocktail of recklessness that ultimately curtails freedom.

Local government has not adequately resolved the following issues for example: –

  • Caring for parentless children;
  • Homeless sleeping in doorways;
  • Rapes of seventy year old women;
  • Setting fire to street refuse;
  • War and civil protests;
  • Muggings;
  • Shopkeepers issuing wrong change;
  • Shysters scamming old folks savings;
  • Guns drawn at pizza parlors;
  • Gangs hold over neighborhoods;
  • Hackers stealing citizen identities;
  • Addicts shooting heroin;
  • Unions rough-shodding communities;
  • Common thefts;
  • Public housing;
  • Infrastructure maintenance;
  • Prostitution;
  • Crime.

The question is how does one engender individual longing to belong within a community? Village, towns and cities are in constant flow of new affairs. The history of change in the form of additions to our present day middle point living, compared on the past anchor as to what has happened, must point to what is to arrive.

Urban design longs to foretell the future but few politbureau, designers and economists, have been imaginative enough to deliver holistic alternative urban concepts. Urban design is trapped in an anechoic chamber.

Urban design responsibility is to make life for our next generation in safe urban places respectful of Nature. After all we are held in gravity on a beautiful blue spinning planet in an extraordinary universe.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.           6/19/13                        939 words


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  1. ‘Esperanza’ reclaimed amidst the wreckage. Good thoughts… A return to the notions of family and community within theater context. As Churchill observed: We shape our environments and then they shape us…
    What to say of our ‘institutions’? Paul Hawkens’ Natural Capitalism’?


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