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What principles hold equal weight in decision leadership to build cities? American citizens have been led into city life by tacitly accepting that economics is the pinnacle of life exchanges and therefore has the prerogative to lead civilization. This should not be so.

Control of thought to action is expressed by good words by people at large. Collective flows of written words are one part of the manual of polis to be brought into the first chapter of reality. The second is to interpret these words into spatial graphics. The third is to estimate the energy required to execute action for resilience and sustainability.

Thus city building leadership is a triad of concerns each holding equal weight of interrelated understanding and evaluation to live in equilibrium with Nature. The issues to be revealed with this triad of concern is intimately involved with measures of ALL people in relationship with time, distance, speed, space, an tools required for accomplishment.

There has been a quantum leap in data collection and analysis. The fear of prognosis and synthesis creation has severely limited the balance that will ultimately be sought for earth’s survival. The bad habit of belief that a single person is the only one to forge a way to succeed in transforming our living patterns is suicidal for advancement to a more stable state.

Sharing together all these flow of things is a process of the present that we must clearly understand in order to venture into predictions for the future. Why even President Franklin Roosevelt and James Moffet agreed that capital spending needed to flow nationally for the economy to reunite and allow families to afford a safe dwelling place. What was missing was the delivery of better housing than designed with the components of the Sears manufactured house.

Families not only need a safe place to thrive but a way to grow food and travel distances. Thomas Jefferson shared his priorities well by describing three essentials for flows of life – health, communication and transportation.

As a nation we are in bad health and are fast polluting earths abundance for survival. However communication amongst us has leaped forward, with some difficulties in evaluating it’s worth, while our transportation means has fallen way behind it’s utility of infrastructure support for the transmission of people and goods from point to point to advance life’s flows.

Progress is forwarded only when “ I contemplate the immense advances in science, and discoveries in the arts which have been made within the period of my life, I look forward with confidence to equal advances by the present generation…” said Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Waterhouse on March 3, 1808.

It would be right to have a triad of leadership serving the citizens of the USA.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                      5/8/2013                               457 words





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