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Advocating a sea of change in the way we understand the building of villages, towns and cities, should not be confronted with the existing status quo process in which we are all involved with living on earth.

Transitions to the future must be supported and achieved universally for humanities survival.

A radical synthesis of our building and living together in cities must involve science and technology prior to our continued misuse of the triad of corporate, socio-political policymaking, without graphic depictions or realistic economic feasibility.

Inspiring personal invention and entrepreneurship toward our collective journey with purpose is paramount. Only by widely accepting the ingenuity of human intelligence can we integrate a guide to a “New Way of Life.”

Asking the right ten questions is the suggested framework to think about the solution for our village, town and city building.


  1. Why is the single most important factor in life the mobility of cellular flows of all things organic on earth?
  2. Why has the notion of anti mobility become a primary factor in politically debilitating mankind’s future?
  3. Why is sunlight the thermodynamic generator for life on earth?
  4. Why do the effects of bad air debilitate our ability to restore good health and good food?
  5. Why does bad water imbalance our energy levels?
  6. Why does bad nutrition shorten longevity?
  7. Why is movement and communication welded together as an adjunct toward exercise and labor?
  8. Why has the current urban planning analysis, prognosis and synthesis created conditions for rampant disease?
  9. Why is prayer and meditation essential and sacred for our spirituality?
  10. How do we find and create patterns and harmony that balance our habitat with nature?

Advancing mobility to all continents on this earth should be the primary focus for peace amongst nations. Neglecting a thoughtful engineering intelligence to accomplish such a mission is unacceptable.

A transportation solution was invented many years ago and has been ignored and set aside by substantial forces. Mainly the movement of people and goods is presently achieved on roadways, railways, airways and shipping ways. All current movement is enabled with the use of fossil fuels.

No sensible person can argue against the facts of pollution caused by this current mobility in serving the building of villages, towns and cities. The consequences and health impacts are revealed in the present toxic environment. Earth’s citizens are imploded with visual climate data changes that occur daily. Media communications are proliferating at connection speeds that are almost immediately available to humanity worldwide.  The impacts are both positive and negative yet quite uncontrollable.

Control of this communication flow requires energy.  Generation and distribution of energy is imbalanced for other services. Life cycle costs and sustainability for energy supply is not only misunderstood but also is hard to deliver equitably to serve all nations.

The efficiency of energy utilization is most important to provide continuous day and night transportation.  Besides frugal personal energy use, one must transport people and cargo far better than we do with our current transportation systems.

The transportation solution for our sustainable planet is not only motor vehicles, railways, aircrafts, or filling containers with cargo or boarding people on cruise lines, or reaching outer space with present rocket fuels. It is simply bringing the intelligence and knowledge already gained in our engineering design accomplishments in both reaching and building a “space station” for astronauts.

We must first build earth habitations (stations) for sustainability before we can dare to explore the heavens of outer space. Charity begins at home.

Rather global Nations should unite to focus on the practicality of constructing such an infrastructure for “Space Travel on Earth”ä. This would offer humanity a way to become collectively involved to set technology and performance standards where all could build such to satisfy travel demand from point to point.

An alternative transportation movement system sauch as ET3 must be birthed as a prototype in California. This alone suggests that we lead the corporate/politbureau (CP) syndrome, not only because of the blessings of our natural ecology, but in that we have superior head and hand skills to apply in our geography of communities.

In so doing one would stem the copying, manufacturing and production of supporting infrastructure that the USA has presently advanced at great expense to humankind that we are exporting to other countries. In order to leap into an advanced future mobility at lesser cost and greater efficiency that is benign to the environment, ET3 is the solution. This adoption would greatly help curbing CO2 and toxic gases entering the natural environment. It would enjoin all nations with travel mobility that each would address, invest, construct and utilize. However the greatest transportation asset would be collapsing time and distance for “on-time” delivery of people and goods to destination points on every continent.

As much as the speed is important the immediate availability of traveling to the major metropolitan areas at lesser ticket cost and energy use will allow many people to visit vastly different cultural areas presently undreamed of and unavailable at this time. This would pattern itself much like the transfer of virtual data but with reality experiences.

Uniting together on such a large infrastructure objective accomplishes what we have already done to reach outer space. Taking these capabilities and applying these head and hand skills to our planet earth is the challenge The engineering technology experience in all the spheres of getting this international task accomplished offers an extreme opportunity to build wealth with sovereign cooperation on all continents.

The intelligence fields involved would call upon scientific leadership and management functions in new designs for material utilization, vacuum extraction, high temperature super magnetic levitation, linear electric motors, electronic passenger and cargo security and ticketing, people and cargo pallet capsules, command control centers, electronic automation control, logistics and additional transportation functions such as the capacity to carry along the passage for the evacuated tubes the underlying “right of ways” such as water, gas, sewer, gas, garbage, fiber optic cables and other linear utilities.

The benefits are numerous. Private Public Partnership is the core of operation and management. Private financing for the entire project has been stabilized and is available. The benefits are almost to numerous to enumerate. To mention a few selective essential element capabilities;

The technological applications, –

The worldwide national security, construction, tube link infrastructure, electrical power generation and consumption from non fossil fuel sources will encourage the development of capabilities in solar, wind and thermal resources;

The educational applications, –

The labor requirements for such a large project requires the services from a great variety of fields to be educated and trained for job creation and knowledge transfer in both head and hand skills, and for expanding existing and new manufacturing capabilities.

The secondary and tertiary applications –

The resulting impacts on multiple services in the creation of habitation from financial services, marketing, advertising, real estate development, air purification, water resource collection, conservancy and distribution, agriculture, forestry and wild landscape conservancy.

Governance applications to better serve the populace –

The incentive of doubling the standard of living globally, the increase in local and regional economic activity, reduced government deficits, less government subsidies, less infrastructure maintenance and operational costs, fewer moving mobility parts, energy efficiency improvement in all sectors of building cities and less environmental pollution.

The technical ET3 transportation superiority –

Evacuated Tube Transportation Technologies (ET3) is the movement system to compare against the technology limits found in high-speed rail.

Let us dispel government’s financial problems, high unemployment, and population growth congesting on roadways, railways, airways and boat ways that pollute the natural environment. Californians mobility for goods and people comes with magnetic levitation as the foundation for prosperity.

ET3 is literally ‘Space Travel on Earth’ where all transportation friction is virtually eliminated. It is silent, low cost, safe, fast and electrically powered. Two-way tubes are built above, below or on the ground. People and goods are transported in lightweight capsules from a portal airlock entry to accelerated travel on linear electric motors. Automated acceleration of capsules into a network much like freeways, allows for coasting while deceleration power is recovered. With passive switching, two ET3 tubes can exceed the capacity of a 40-lane freeway. The Internet routes email much like the ET3 capsules from point to point.

The ET3 cost benefit value is that it can be built for 1/10th of the cost of high-speed rail, or 1/4th of a freeway. ET3 can provide 50 times more transportation per KWH than electric cars or trains.

A California State ET3 network that collapses time and distance with speeds of 350mph will bring California leadership forward in intelligence, skills and manufacturing capabilities to achieve this leap in future transportation.

(It is best to visit www.et3.net for all the precise detailed technology to be applied.)

The unintended future consequences –

Sovereign vs Ecological Boundaries,

Immigration Allowances,

Common Monetary exchange,

Tarrifs on Import/Export,

Design Build Capabilities,

Evaluation of Worth.

The objective for people worldwide who are energized and productively working to provide for their families and have money to travel and buy necessities and gifts, there is no time for war. Affordable inter-continental travel offers international peace.

The essence of instant movement is a system that readies and utilizes stored or supplied energy. The freedom of movement is impossible to remove from daily life. The awakening of the transmission of virtual data transmission is the precursor for a new reality movement of people and goods.

A quote of historical import is “Transport of the mails, transport of the human voice, transport of flickering pictures — in this century, as in others, our highest accomplishments still have the single aim of bringing men together”. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author and aviator (1900-1945)

ET3 will bring humanity together. No longer can we stop this occurring as Nature is in continual motion, as we are from birth to death. The face-to-face meetings are essential to better understand cultures around the world to further positive conversations. This can be achieved in fewer hours, less cost and greater comfort than current transportation timetables.

The rights of individual and collective movement inside buildings and outside thereof to get to individual building groupings have a common factor – spatial corridors. Normally linear spaces are mostly horizontal, some vertical (elevators) or at an angle (escalators), are used by individuals or groups.

According to the 1944 Economic Bill of Rights there are “Four Freedoms – Freedom of speech and expression, Freedom of worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear”. There is a Fifth inalienable Freedom not described in this Bill and that is movement. Mobility is an essential ingredient of “Rights” where all may do so in common public spaces generally known as “rights of way”. Our current infrastructure from hallways, corridors, pedestrian pathways, roadways, highways, railways and runways are the infrastructure that supports this right of mobility passage. Spaces in common therefore service the support different forms of infrastructure. These afford mobility to the spaces served such as villages, towns and cities.

Government words of prevention view futures in many ways but fall into only forecasting the future on the instrument of exchange – the monetary system. Views of the economy are weighed by Ronald Reagan best by; “if it moves — tax it, if it keeps moving  — regulate it, if it stops moving – subsidize it”. One should add — if it is a trade barrier – restrict it with a tariff.

Words can become “Doubting Thomas” precautionary principles. The politbureau are inclined to favor research and development into military fields of interest. The insistence of applying parallel criteria to civil advances has not been accommodated. The request for reality transportation undertakings that works in full-scale is an incredible and unwarranted burden. This imbalance has cast aside improvement to essential civil advances in transportation.

We have failed in our efforts to build a new visionary movement system that would redeem America’s purpose and promise to champion the needs of all working people.

The first challenge is to create a new transportation system to serve new villages, towns and cities. The proposed StarKore  City offers a alternative geometrical pattern for a new urban design.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                       4/29/13                        2018 words









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