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Where does one start to create design harmony for city residents? An oversimplified answer is to start with local and to then go global.

“Netizens” are absorbing instant data on their respective devices – globally. Evaluating this instant data transmission, as information of the worldly reality is somewhat warped, Taken from the point of view of an individual evaluation from either experience or insight it has not caused an effective long-term positive change as yet. Such gains in understanding from these sequential tribulations will take time and a set of far more serious actions between citizens and their governances.

The USA flag “OLD GLORY” is recognized worldwide as a symbol of freedom. Yet Americans are slowly recognizing that liberty is subtly being constricted and diminished with a media transmission bias that results in stemming actions in all the flows found in freedom of movement.

Corporations and Politbureau (CP) promote concepts themselves to maintain their hold on to status quo.  In addition CP’s ignore external creativity that may threaten their comfortable activities. CP’s also incrementally fasten there vice  grip in improving their own holding patterns on inventions in their own self interest. They fear accepting any other innovations that loosen this control. Such actions might imbalance their self-satisfaction. Thus the downward connection in layers of empowerment to improve citizen’s holistic well-being is therefore averted.

Little if any authority is given to local citizens to get anything done together. The CP focus is still rampant to imbalance communications in order to divert legitimacy in directions that either confuses or maintains control over separation and division of labor in most things.

The current passage of building cities presently fosters cultural, social and spiritual community separation from birth to death. What is essential is to find a future that contains holistic goals from “like minds” desirous of engaging mental mapping for plans toward better movement and habitation. This beginning must create a network of mutual support that is not easily accomplished, across many desired disciplines.

Forging a consensus in such village coalitions to construct integrative results is of great importance. This can only be achieved with an inclusive set of decision-making. It is possible but depends on the freedom and honesty of each individual giving openly toward substantive collective solutions.

Developing a prescribed urban design “playbook” for villages, towns and city design starts with citizens. All that are so involved thus have the opportunity to offer resources to set a pathway of organization into bettering the flows for life improvement, resilience and sustainability. Thus participants will not live in fear of individual contribution but rather gather to formulate elements of relevance toward reality with some acknowledgement of the consequences. Donations of free time should be offered from participants for such ongoing and effective transformation to become successful.

Team leadership selected by the community must consider the larger impacts of growth and change with respect to urban, agricultural and forestry proportions for population sustenance. The geographic location with respect to latitude/longitude together with the respective input of water, solar orientation, wind flows, rain fall and soil conditions with local material resources amongst the handling of liquid and solid waste products amongst many other outputs found in the ecology of the place setting. One must also be mindful of the alternative freedoms of travel from pedestrian to regional high speed movement linkages for goods and people.

Unfortunately this coalescence of primary human factors in city building at present is genocidal to earth’s natural balance.  Framed in short term fixes there is little thought given to long-term goals and future objectives. From the micro to the macro Starkore Cities vision allows for numerous ecological republics to be formed. The unlimited unique land plan design alternatives allows for indigenous village community patterns to be created in respect for realms that provide a living network with Nature.

The existing Federal, State, County and local jurisdictions should rather be tied together for decision making from the bottom up rather than top down. If something cannot be done at the local level one should engage the regional. Likewise if something cannot be done at the regional level one should engage the national.  The national level should then engage with global sovereign nations.

Authority of power in such decision-making must be delegated to those from villages, to regions, to national and finally to global in the minds and hands of those elected or appointed with experience and wisdom for balanced trade offs with Nature.

In order to conduct such a decision making system a deliberative institution with a hierarchy of sequential citizen participation must be empowered to interact as a base rising to a larger context. Given that our present status quo needs new sensors and circuit breakers to restore balance with Nature, this will overcome existing barriers for diffused power distribution to make things anew.

Village, Town and City urban redesign of current institutions must be made in a timely fashion to ward off both the monarch and the mob.

The gift of decision making power essentially must be redefined to empower the citizens to willfully create a safer place to live, work, worship and recreate within supported by a new transportation methodology that is multi dimensional in alternative modes of transportation service.

A transportation method that does not pollute the natural environment that is safe, energy efficient carries more goods and people per hour than offered these days, with speeds that collapse time and travel distance to reach destinations from point to point.

New transportation must allow for travel between smaller city population centers that offers granular dispersion in scale with ecologies of place. This will create opportunities to retain an essential balance and harmony with Nature. Coexistence in this manner will reveal that a healthy earth gives freely of all things in abundance for life to enable mankind and Nature to thrive.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.    4/1/2013                               980 words

















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