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A vision for future villages, towns and cities must involve a new choice of silent swift conveyances, propelled by linear induction motors for magnetic levitation, in a vacuum with floating lightweight capsules that will carry goods and people in an incessant flow of continual movement.

The present burden of traversing weather and pushing against air pressure with fossil fuel powered transportation that pollutes the environment is genocidal. The materials used in our structures for buildings and utilities continue to support better performance and safety. The regulations and guidelines for propelling economic life both from the past and present combine to keep the practice of urban design from fulfilling its role toward future oriented determinants.

What “planned” villages, towns and cities ought to be rather than what they are likely to be?

The observation of present attitudes that should bring about new city forms and images by designers have not become forerunners for better urban growth and change. What collective human will is required to influence our urban footprint transformation?

Urban design ideas written to policy, together with graphic depiction and cost estimates have to come together for any national level integrated vision for habitation development. This means that urban designers must give a damn about natural and human sustainable principles for life on Earth, in each individual ecological setting, in order to make an urban settlement that balances with the natural resources required in conversion for utilization.

Only by the assertive collective democratic decisions of people together will the desired results toward shaping the pattern of urban growth and change result in appropriate use of material resources. Ultimately this must be focused upon land for its appropriate functions. Thus dedication of lands for urban footprints must be measured with compatible values in agriculture, plantations and indigenous environments that support the desired population.

From observation one might interpret the expectations coming from our younger generation these days in the pursuit of a desired future, is not necessarily one of abundance, gathering monetary rewards and/or collecting material goods. It is rather the enrichment of the human experience in congregations together in a place where the convenience of the virtual digital world is converted into a better form of reality.

The renewal of our urban systems will influence “good sustainable business” for California and the USA. Our vast engineering transportation knowledge, application and ingenuity in our insatiable desire to explore outer space must be transferred to planet earth in order to further succeed in sending humans to outer planets.

A transforming effort is essential to be directed toward frugal resource and energy use and better manufacturing productivity. We are now in the digital design era with new materials, software, 3D printing, manufacturing processes, robotics, sensors, and interactive data transmissions with controls to conduct many amazing activities.

The shortening of the passage of economic life in building structures compared to the relative performance of utility infrastructure suggests a mandate of differentiation between ownership of facilities and ownership of land. Our surging interest in the advance of technologies such as prefabrication of components is most important. This will be the forerunner of a refreshing approach to challenge urban design strengths.

Community urban development land plans, must tender to resource input versus waste output in well understood quantifiable amounts to justify life cycle, time and transportation costs. The removal of land from the pressures of corporate/politbureau speculation that confronts predetermined assessment of value for tax exchanges must equitably support the changing attitude toward private property holdings. Transference of present land value appreciation by the tax assessor is ill timed and encourages preemptive, hasty, dispersed and UN-programmed patterns of urban growth.

Land use should be taxed according to its innate productivity. Present use is the primary function of value, not its potential use. Then no tax should be imposed in the aforementioned and presumed land value increase. A change from rural, agricultural or indigenous forested environments to urban land use in a “for lease” scenario occurs through a community response to supplemental land acquisition and development of utilities and “flow” services. Value increase should be measured then by improved standards of performance in the living pattern so generated.

The issue of “home rule” versus “regional governance” must together resolve decisions regarding clean air, water, food/fiber, energy generation and transportation consequences, as well as, adopting acceptable technologies in many realms for sustainability and resilience. This impacts both man’s made objects and mobility paths for the liberty and freedom given to us all to travel hither and yonder.

This brings to the forefront a belief found in the flows of Nature that are best expressed in a more efficient transportation system technology. This is the headway that must be introduced as a means of framing the villages, towns and cities we desperately need to inhabit for a better quality of living together. Structured in four separate tubes the access to them is serviced by a triple inter-modal integration that fits people into a wheel chair then into a MoPod™, and finally together into a capsule. Likewise the transporting of goods from light packages, to objects of length and material mass such as corn, iron ore, basalt, as well as, liquids will be accomplished in alternative capsule designs.

Only if such a concept is adopted will a new transportation methodology offer major advantages by increasing speed, collapsing time of travel, reducing energy consumption and containing pollution into our atmosphere. The system is also impervious to weather conditions which is an extraordinary capability in today’s travel environment.

The potential value increases will cause a major impact all real estate patterns and will finance the system itself. Buildings are like cells in a living organism. They are now either renewed for alternative uses or demolished at shorter intervals. The rate of technological changes reduces costs only when the process of mass production of components exerts itself on the construction for our spatial needs within the global industrial complex.

The utility infrastructure for the flows of all things to be transported must be conceived as the backbone form giver for villages, towns and cities futures. It is in our interest to release the rise of design now permeating our cultural activities in all things, for a transformational attitude focusing on a path toward our next step in reality implementation to overcome human despair and economic bankruptcy.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                    3/13/13                1057 WORDS

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  1. Randy Oehmig says:

    Your vision needs to be put into a three dimensional form for visual perception of your idea. A quasi-government-private forum for discussion to show how, through your vision, present and future tax revenues may be reduced, thus reducing the burden required of future earnings presumed necessary for bureaucratic support, which should be designed to become less dependent upon such revenues, ie: earnings of the non-governmental population. This can and should be a primary goal of both sides of the equation. This can and must be achieved, least host and leech become bankrupt, as witness in cities in California, Detroit, and soon declared, Atlanta, and the domino effect. Larger unproductive government will produce same. Future urban expansion MUST be designed to reduce the burden, incorporating less energy, material and resource dependent functions. Urban redesign and development without such foresight, will simply duplicate, and exacerbate past and present ill conceived, and inefficient expansion. To tax a property based on future use, or other than present, is disingenuous, and corrupted policy.


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