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Al Gore’s book “The Future” is a step in the right direction.

My search throughout the volume of the book that contains six well researched thoughts and word descriptions to my surprise omitted thoughtful discussion about mobility.

Without movement there is no life. All life thrives on flows.

As humans with fractious behaviors, we are burdened with our organic position for cooperative leadership responsibilities to keep our planet in a clean sustainable spatial state, for our incessant universal space travel.

With this realization we are all beholden to use our collective intelligence for survival.

The primary wisdom absent from these writings is the forgetful mention of new transportation methodologies.

The distortions transmitted by our media have “dumbed down” our combined unthinking influences of Corporate/Politbureau and citizen’s lack of understanding matters of our rights to liberty.

Truth does not pervade the daily virtual propaganda of our communication technology data flows, which do not prevail to encourage positive actions.

In reality clean air, water, food/fiber, the energy required for better mobility and wise use of resources to build structures have been ignored.

This is genocide.

The United States of America’s history has proven and demonstrated at specific moments in time where it has leaped forward in developmental advances by creating new transportation technologies for the future.

This has been accomplished by means of deploying energy resources that came in series from muscle, steam, coal, oil, fossil fuel conversions, dammed water with the help of gravity, as well as splitting the atom to generate electrical energies.

A small practical medium-term approach to sustainability development improvement means the redesign of utility infrastructures for villages, towns and cities together with a integrated new urban transportation system.

To quote part of an important paragraph found on page 372 – 373, ……”The other demographic realities should also command priority attention: the continued organization of the world’s population should be seen as an opportunity to integrate sustainability into the design and construction of low carbon low-energy buildings the use of sustainable architecture and design to make urban spaces more efficient and productive and the redesign of urban transportation systems to minimize both energy use and pollution flows”. This is good as a solution only with the inclusion of agricultural adjacencies and the possible population suggestions considered.

The fossil fuel driven transportation systems that are currently in use unfortunately perpetuate the grid system of geometries and fossil fuel utilization that extends unnecessary distances to be travelled and creates multiple deleterious emissions of green house gases.

Energy consumption with the time required to cover such distance needs to be carefully re-considered so as to provide non-apartheid mixed-use settings for habitats.

This can first be simply accomplished by examining an alternative transportation technology that has already been invented in the 1950s at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This maglev technology has been extraordinarily improved over the past six decades.

A laboratory of thinking must be established to envision transportation with city development integration into ecological bordered environments.  This has been summarily ignored.

The fact that the USA has led the world in amazing transportation methodology advances is something one should never forget.

United States of America has reached out of earth’s gravity with rocketry of brute force to discover and control movement of objects in the vacuum found in outer space.

The clarity revealed in this books understanding of many policy spheres however does not connect the linkage of practical inventions toward future movement of goods and people to service occupied spatial end points.

The written problems so well shared on almost every page still has no collective holistic vision for the single thing that will lift humankind out of the present financial exchange doldrums.

The simple question is do we need to apply this extraordinary transportation knowledge with leadership into the next  leap forward  that will no doubt create jobs and build wealth for ourselves and all sovereign nations?

Let us together force some motion on a new movement pathway for our and all global nations to have their citizen’s travel in evacuated tubes, speedily and safely with little impact on the environment.

This required effort will become a “Sputnik Moment” that will move us into a better future to enjoy travel into dispersed granular groupings of regionally sustainable city living that creates a balance with Nature on Earth.

The edges found in science and technology must have the paramount objective of sustainability to prompt the financial world to rethink the value of new transportation methodologies to stem the utilization of fossil fuels for travel and structures that are poisoning Nature.

Expedient movement affects all relationships based on thermal exchange. The core of carbon controls and emission scenarios should be viewed in this manner.

As much as it is important to have budgets on tax-and-spend in the Corporate/Politburo hierarchy, so is it morally prudent to enforce CO2 budgets.

Investment values will only be heightened with improvements in transportation on this, our “Spaceship Earth”.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.   2/19/13                  830 words

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