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Sovereign citizens globally are being observed, constrained and censored by Corporate/Politibureau (CP) from freedom of speech to liberty of action. This is closing down initiatives of creativity.

To regain these freedoms and liberties of life’s flows, citizens must think clearly to answer three things by declaring their honest opinions. What is good? What is right? And what is most important for improving human conditions?

We the citizens of the United States of America used to be explorers, pilgrims and immigrants. We still are — of a sort! The frontier challenge carries two fundamental principles. One is toward indigenous cultures capability to balance their living with Natures abundance and thus does little harm to the environment. The second is the bringing of past history and technologies from homeland cultures to construct scattered communities with parochial mentalities and temperament into fixed settlements.

Presently this ethnically diverse nation is lacking a frontier vision. The present village, town and city urban growth pattern is still one of CP control over citizens as slave species. This directive is fatally flawed as it is based on comfort rather than change.

Frontier vision challenges the unknown. CP summarily crushes the intelligence of many ideas as being “unproven”.  The composition of an elite CP focus both on singular and holistic concepts deny many explorations that might change the existing course of mankind’s population expansion.

The present CP attempts to minimize exploration to Mars; to ignore factual symptoms of climate changes; to stall the integration of new energy advancement; to ignore alternative transportation methodologies and to lose educational advances for young minds. These are acts of genocide. Such circumstances demand a new sharply focused lens to reconstitute Americans as the veritable band of newly founded frontiersmen. First to act on the earth’s continents and oceans with evidence of fundamental capabilities, and second to then venture into the galaxies.

In order to reach outer space successfully with appropriate technologies that harbor a compliment of humans, much fundamental work has to be done. The first order is to clearly show all the essential things necessary to sail and live in space. The second order is to apply existing knowledge and technologies to build a resilient existence capability on earth first before application to another planet.

Surely, goodness and mercy all the prototypes required for this purpose must have been tested on this planet first for energy efficiency, operability, life cycle maintenance, safety and welfare of these future explorers before leaving earth’s conditions and gravity. A team of interdisciplinary members have been gathered around the table to validate the dispatch of such missions to outer space that carefully integrates some of humanities holistic knowledge required for successful accomplishment. Likewise this management approach must be applied to village, town and city building on earth and the oceans.

Incredible as it may seem the USA leads the world of human intelligence in advanced transportation system methodologies. Yet the CP is looking backwards to a 140 old steel-wheel–steel rail technology with serious limitations in service flows for goods and people as the solution for the future. Ignoring rather than utilizing this vast present engineering intellectual experience to improve movement on earth amounts to genocidal consequences. Advancing and incrementally improving movement efficiencies is a paramount necessity for survival.

Applying these already founded skills in a reality parallel is an inducement to forward the wise structuring of frontiersman ship in preparation for sending the chosen few to construct a safe place on a new world of earth’s still to be found in God’s heavens.

To invent and send such spaceships to carry the human race into outer space one cannot rely on the journals of our present or past realities. Any true and tested proven technology requires a dynamic vision. What’s more these should be interrelated. The morphing of our current understanding comes from the transfer of knowledge from our roots of Nature. This will instigate the leap in science and technology toward a series of new “Starkore Cities”.

The essence of collaboration to this end starts with known specific knowledge proven or yet to be validated for sustainable environments. A wholesome team of frontiersman needs to be assembled for such a challenge. The overall mission to produce and test all the primary prototypes therefore must reveal three integrative characteristics.

  1. All animate and inanimate objects must be capable of components framed in small dimensions with less weight per unit for the purposes of ease in transportation and end use assembly.
  2. All performance efficiency and energy life cycle characteristics as well as chemical and other production processes must feature results that have no impact on Natures cycles of life.
  3. All spatial enclosures that use a variety of materials for the safety and welfare of humanity must have no deleterious impact on Nature.

The art of capturing such holistic demands sensitive diplomacy. This can only be achieved with a non-apartheid approach to the development of transportation for infrastructures to serve human occupied three-dimensional enclosures. It is paramount that leaders are chosen in primary fields of explicit knowledge. These should be carefully organized for integrative skills in air, water, food/fiber, energy, mobility, and communication, resources, structures and waste matters.

(See the Appendix for further thoughts)

This might seem to be a tall order to gather a team of individuals for such a mission. However the research and development arm must be complimented with a practical common sense laboratory arm for constructing many new prototypical realities. The importance of this mission however touches all global citizens. It will no doubt create long-term jobs, which are hard to estimate. It will transform existing village, towns and cities into new footprints that will offer a positive way to reach out to the desired new worlds for exploration. There is a place to be made everywhere. All it takes is the will to do so.


Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.  1/16/13            941 words


A source list of essential knowledge and experience to be collaborated is suggested as follows: –

Research Institutions and Educational Entities


Technical Institutions

Business Schools

High Schools

Special Institutions to be identified


Professional Institutions

Engineering – Civil, electrical, structural, mechanical, geological

Legal – Sovereign, Contracts, Agreements and politbureau negotiations, IP

Financial – Business, Lending, Banking, Bonding, Venture Capital

Urban planning – Corridor appropriation, densities for mixed-use, regulations

Architecture – Indigenous design

Agriculture – Food and fiber

Medical – Special design for ambulatory patients, organ transfer

Logistics – Serving point to point controls for capsules that carry people and            goods

Management – Capability for entire system plan and – separate module plans

Ecologist/biologist – Natural flora, fauna and unique environmental settings

Sociologist/Culturist – Languages and traditions in family and social groups

Travel destination bookings – Prominent hotel resorts, historical sites etc

Advertising – Attributes in portals and in passenger capsule with “branding”

Security – International Passenger Identity

International Political presentations to achieve project accord amongst sovereign nation for partnerships

Construction Equipment – new design/manufacture

Manufacturing Research – robotics

Materials Research – nano applications

Quality Assurance Evaluation – integration of all engineering

Mathematics – Logistics of controls, manufacturing and delivery

Physics – electromagnetic, thermodynamic, frequency variables

Economics – Transportation pricing modeling efficacy to serve cities

Energy sources and consumption – Sustainable Energy – (David JC MacKay)

Geographic Information Systems – Decision-making transparency (ESRI)

Citizen Decision Making Input – Citizen involvement (Thinking with Hexagons)

Ancient Knowledge – Sacred and Spiritual Leadership

Marketing – Video Documentary, You Tube Series, Scenarios, Modeling. Gaming, Cartooning, Virtual Sovereign Tours, Presentations for Licensees,

Material resource assessments

Environmental consequences

Industrial production capacities



National Material Resources



Basalt Composites

Alternate Material Composites

Heat sinks/Thermal balance



Fiber optics






Nano Material Technology

Fiber optics


Partnership Industries with technological knowledge and manufacturing attributes: –

Maglev – magnetics

Vacuum – pumps

Life-support – oxygen

Powering – electrical

Foundation –steel/ basalt/concrete

Tunneling – boring

Sealing – air exclusion in joints and air locks

Cryogenics – Nitrogen and temp controls

Biometrics/ Interior capsule – goods and people

Surveillance/security – advanced internet satellite system

Automation – controls for automatic loading, capsule spacing, merging and emergency features

Communications – control room networks

Photonics – electromagnetic radiation, vibration frequencies

Construction methodology – Automated/Robotic

Sensors – placement and controls

Material transportation delivery- elements transported to construction corridors


Production capacities

Tube making – construction methods

Capsule – alternative design for passenger type for sale, lease, buy

Seating – Ergonomic variables for travel comfort and alternative seating arrangements

Lighting – LEED capsule internal and Portal public spaces

Video/television – wireless and “backup” communication

Medical and special capsule alternatives

Others                                                                                 484 words













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