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Finding the right like minded people to inhabit a new village together
for long term comfort and safety is an ever increasing challenge
toward building a self sufficient town that over time can develop into
a city of unique and lasting qualities.

One will always be on the wave of adding new hybrid technology to move
around and amongst structured habitats. It begins with small hybrid
attitudes adoipted by eternal invention from people who are free to
boldly risk a new path or pattern in informational and trade

So enlightened projects must essentially experiment to show enough
initiative for such forward movements. It means a settling under a
mutual canopy with common sense and good roots. People with
aspirations arise from and are influenced by grassroots, bottom up
action, co-operative agreements, consultative assignments, and
consensus decision making, that savors open minded, tolerant,
respective groupings of doers for community advancement. The bonding
source is therefore positively declared with hopeful qualities for

Within the framework of sustainability and desired balance with Nature
one must display synergies for these special efforts to survive in the
long term. Will the village one design/builds succumb to the external
pressures of money and markets? Social networking requires some
institutional support to construct a saner world.

The balance will become transparent only when self worth in the eyes
of the participants and others view the approach with factual evidence
of success. A village prototype will not avoid all the contradictions,
foibles, vices and confusions that will affect reality development.
The forces of status quo powers from corporations and the politbureau
are a formidable challenge to a different form of village growth
taking place.

The vanguard village project is at risk as the engagement of many is
required. Facing the turmoil of doing well against global climate
change, war, crashing bio-diversity, industrial pollution, waste
piles, mass starvation and epidemics, requires special performance
solutions. Unfortunately invisible forces have created Earth’s
genocidal consequences impacting the environment under misguided human

To reach success all motion starts with “flows” of movement that is at
liberty. This expected freedom of inventiveness brings ideas into
existence. Movement flows for both goods and people to service end
spaces of enclosed activity is indeed the purpose of life. All
survival principles require both input and output lifecycles of
performance. Performance is measured by evaluating the unit of energy
expended to maintain thermodynamic balance.

The reliance of a benefactor for asset provision entirely should be
carefully weighed. The project has to balance resources for itself
over the long term. A marketing model has to be sent abroad to attract
inhabitants, investors, foundations and government

The logic of conformance of a project bends to pressures for
generating exchanges of “revenue streams” from internal needs to
external demands. “Salary” alternatives for new residents commitment
to reside requires a conversion into a human resource need for applied
“head and hand” skills into community growth and change. Defined at
the beginning the properties shared in many different realms become
the core of essentials to be adopted that will eventually activate an
indigenous economy. It is the human resource of active support of
doing business together that builds upon a structural set of
initiatives for rewards, in order to move forward.

This effort must generate quality products from goodwill efforts of
inhabitants. Responding sloppily to internal and external market
demands looses the human and technical well being to elevate community
experience over open market rationality and profit seeking.
The proposed solution for project founding, stabilizing and generating
new products for the good of the community must overwhelm being slowly
co-opted by the status quo over the long term.

The projects new spatial context requires equipment, expertise and
experience for a variety of activities. From the outset this requires
knowledge sharing that continues to reveal and share the “wealth”
created to multiply exponentially into further business cultures. The
objective of advance should constitute a marked and measured change in
politics, together with technological adoption evidenced by  cost
benefit to distribute products outside of project consolidation that
proves the concept is self sustainable. The key to success is the
internal capability of communication to all participants along the

Energy generation is the key for provisions and the movement of mass
over short and long distances. This must be measured for every unit of
fuel and effort less expensively than current practices. The
availability of such close-by energy generation will alter the
pathways of accessibility and arrangement patterns of urban settlement

There comes an additional burden of media that requires daily
broadcasts and recording of decision making. The privilege of
political power dominates our thinking thus the fracturing of all
flows such as education, justice and food safety. Our opposition to
such forces has crumbled. The apartheid of flows for living, the
ideology or behavior in our culture targets analysis of our living
standards and “rights”. This powerful influence is insidiously
transferred into village, town and city reality design patterns. The
energy requirements for developments to continue are controlled by
fossil fuel flows to generate mobility.

Many citizens have hidden reasons to contest existing life
conditions. One can trace origins of restrictions to race and
environmental movements that maintain a hold over the  population, as
well as, social and transactional living experiences. Thus building a
new pattern of reality requires the goal of social transformation to
raise everyone to a basic standard of comfort and equality.

Thus the disparate inclusion of residents into a new project as a
collective grouping of social cultures must in some way abandon the
fantasy of hierarchical identities that are fixed or stable. One
identity over another is divisive and is unhelpful to evolving a
multi-dimensional and omni-directional individual capability. The
golden rule is what one does. Action re-orients material culture.

Slave species are the folk moving around and about in a “dwall” that
are unthinkingly and unknowingly advancing genocide with their daily
activities. This is systemic of apartheid, where virtual thoughts are
promoted, processed and propagandized to hypnotize actions to adhere
to given patterns in the resolution of cultural settlements. What
qualities of free association define the aspects of normal healthy and
happy lives?  Should not this attitude be taken for granted by
everyone or only a minority, who desire anything approaching real

Our practical design/build/live together project depends on the
relationships of a changing leadership, skill sharing, dynamics within
groups and practices of “neutral” association that together fight the
present system in habitat construction. The principles of becoming a
worthy team member in different associative actions means politics of
works outside of the basis of practical aspirations and activities.
This is the foundation for successful alliances.

Ideas/concepts to written policy then to cost/benefit must also be
weighed against new tool making. Human nature and technology are
inseparably linked. The order of priority for a project alternative is
to strategize the following way of doing things. Alternative
transportation provisions; health care from new remedy discovery to
reality application; educational governance through an alternative
political persuasion methodology; transformation of social life
experiences; offer the exchange of “tendered” items for better life

Overall project formation is always fraught with human contradiction
and confusion. People entering a project for many different reasons,
influences, beliefs and experiences that are part of their self
interest have to intersect toward a compatible collaboration that
requires common sense awareness of what is really worthwhile for a
successful project as a team member.

Themes of principles for a specific project require an input/output
model for estimating quantities and services for balanced living. This
is achieved for operationally by conducting a networked, open source,
cooperative and collaborative world of formation.

Tools for a project initiative must be revealed at the outset of
planning together. Such technology must be revealed and offered by
forward thinkers to circulate what must be brought together either
from the factory or gathered on the site. Logistical strategies and
tactics for supplies from point to point should be carefully
calculated. The first question to ask is – are the roots and scope of
a project much like growing a tree in a specific environment based
upon: – Human dignity; ethics of sustainability; ecological balance of
material resources; extraction, use and disposition.

The bridges to achieve peace and harmony toward village, town and city
development have to offer a sensible humane and comfortable
habitation. Is it going to be our design to re-invent living
alternatives? Project vision is to be determined for achieving order
amongst chaos.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D.  11/ 28/2012     1419 words

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