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Many things that “flow” are alive and evolve over time. Life is one continual movement pattern and is in fact the life one can predict for a better future. Life in all our spheres on this planet earth moves constantly and if it was to stop one would return to “stardust”.

If movement flows are constrained both the animate and inanimate one will return into a fossilized state. Humanities prime force is to find energy and devise transformational tools to design sustainable villages, towns and cities as a manifestation in balance with Nature.

Design arising in all forms must allow humanity to move our mass much further than we presently have accomplished for our longer lifetimes. The sun is the source of energy that sets all the earth in motion. The need for energy generation in the evolution of humanities survival demands new application and implementation of inventions.

Apartheid is still found in our psyche as evidenced by our current educational system that has led us into a formidable active world of exchange for labor that serves specific niches of endeavor. This has given rise to negative impacts on environmental engineering and settlement characteristics. As individuals we have aspired to singular efforts somewhat in conflict with each other rather than being morphed into a wholesome integration.

Design however much we try has no perfect fit into an ideal rural/urban development to balance with Nature’s flows. To improve such design iteratively over time, we must foster and grasp an evolution that the “whole” magnitude of interaction flows better than before.

As designers we must be reminded of an intrinsic value that we as a group express the form of ideas not seen before, but with graphics as a primary skill between policy formation and cost/benefit we provide necessary solutions. These design contributions are unique and do however emanate from all people. Thus the art of seeing something different is essential to the creation of imaginative predictions useful to movement serving man made settlements and products that are helpful toward advancement of life’s flows for the future.

Nature provides amazing designs that are microscopic in scale, but reveal channels of movement and energy flows. We must integrate these essential functions into a macroscopic wholesome future for habitat design.

A wholesome transportation future design for goods and people first starts with a “satellite” view of our continents to better serve habitations in places of appropriate ecological settings. Such terra/aqua designs must acknowledge the thermodynamic principles of climate impacts from sunny, windy and rainy days with complimentary temperature and pressure changes observed in respective intersections of latitude and longitude.

Design must indeed acknowledge our insatiable curiosity and desire for speed beyond that which is achieved with the “drivers” of fossil fuel energy systems. The heightened interest in the suns energy that influences earths spherical shells of hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere with multiple rays of influence over time periods, is both complex and in the nursery of understanding to the short and long-term consequences.

Moving goods and people is now aided for by the speedy data bit transmission on the Internet supported with logistical programming to get things from point to point. Yet this still needs fuel converted into heat to perform work to drive the transmission of mass flows of movement. Human resistance to such product flows exist and are normal at present with all our status quo forms of movement. With such a vast amount of fossil based energy fuel consumption for land, air and sea transportation some practical application of existing knowledge and manufacturing skills must be deployed. With the suns incoming heat transfers into our atmospheres, it is difficult to calculate our outgoing emissions from our movement system to fully understand if a thermodynamic balance is created.

Capturing energy into storage is still a problem. However energy conversion for work is most useful if used efficiently.  Practical additions of energy generation will be necessary to drive an alternative transportation technology into the reality of future motion. The renewal, reconstitution and redesign of infrastructures to afford future flows of clean air, water, foodstuff, telecommunication, electricity, gas lines and fuel stations, as inputs to service the needs of a prescribed population, on the one hand, also requires on the other hand, re-use of solid, liquid, sewerage, gaseous, bio, heat, energy and communication gadgetry waste matter. Our flow lines of transportation design to serve village, town and city landscapes should alleviate friction and heat losses that are not captured for useful content.

The ultimate infrastructure resolution is how we improve all our activity flows in concert with Nature in a far greater and more efficient energy distribution for entropy* generation.

Alternative transportation methodology configurations must display evidence of greater useful energy efficiency and lesser energy dissipation. This is paramount and must manifest the transportation answer to adopting a leap forward in transportation capabilities. Channels of mental attitude that resist a proposed future as suggested by an Evacuated Tube Transportation Technology are those that are short sighted and deny the vision revealed of a design with attributes of substantially increasing movement flows.

This technology needs to be adopted, as it will improve movement flows only by iterative and incremental design evolution. It will shift more weight (mass) over greater distances for every unit of fuel and effort far cheaper, further and faster than today’s methodology. In addition it will cleanse the global environment of greenhouse gas emissions.

The impacts are far reaching as the technology will spread the rule of law, human rights, liberty and free trade globally, because it guarantees more desired movement for ourselves to reach destinations far and wide,. The movement of goods and ourselves improves existing, as well as, the creation of superb new settlements. After all that has been written historically about transportation impacting cultures, it has proven to be the singular core vision formulae for grand job creation.

The greatest hurdles to overcome are the forces of fear in our current corporate and politbureau spheres of limited foresight. The populace in sovereign nations who clearly understand this mobility value however will beckon for leadership to adopt such change as an alternative transportation methodology. The next generation worldwide will demand the movement of more mass on earth.  Movement is a never-ending flow configuration that involves migration for better experiences.

“Riches through knowledge, knowledge through travel” wrote Edward J. Hogan”. This is our destiny of life for our future generation.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.     11/17/2012            1070 words

(*Dictionary definition = a measure of the energy in a system or process that is unavailable to do work.)


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