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The story begins with Emily’s journey that began in 2020. On impulse she bought tickets to see Yo Yo Ma play with the New York Symphony that evening. She called Cindy for company as she had two. Cindy was thrilled and agreed for an evening out together.

Emily celled a MoPod and went to the front door and climbed into the comfortable Volkswagen designed two-seater to arrive ten minutes later docked onto the automatic slow moving belt at the Bakersfield Portal. The MoPod  was guided on this moving belt into a  capsule. The capsule door closed covering the MoPod . A few minutes later the capsule delivered itself into the airlock. With a swish the capsule entered the tubeway from the airlock into a tubular structure. Now Emily relaxed and reclined to feel the acceleration that shortly settled into a imperceptible smooth feeling of coasting on a wave only this wave carried the capsule at speeds of between 350 to 4000mph.

Emily immediately observed the on board trip video of fast moving surroundings along the tube pathways. She noticed that she had already passed the Mojave portal where one could take a trip to outer space. She promised herself to save the required money to take that trip one day. Already past Las Vegas she opened her backpack beside her on the adjacent seat for her laptop to voicemail Cindy that she was on the way and would arrive in 45 minutes at the Brooklyn Portal.

Emily liked traveling alone as she was always busy arranging destination experiences for people of all cultures on antique transportation modes from aircraft, cruise lines, train travel, horse carriage and horseback ride outings. In a half hour she could secure many such arrangements. Working quickly she took and placed more calls to prospective clients and secured several negotiations secured instantaneously by her automatic billing system.

A blinking light, vibrating seat and voice announced that her time of arrival was imminent. Emily placed the laptop back in the backpack being sure as to not disturb here evening clothes for the anticipated outing. Tapping her armband she called Cindy and left a voice message that arrival at the Brooklyn Portal was a minute away.

She silently praised this travel mode of evacuated tube service for offering a no friction ride in an airless tube, as she began to feel the deceleration knowing that the energy required getting her over this distance in such a short time, was being captured for re-use. She reflected that this instant travel capability connection had become a fraction of the amount she used to pay compared with the air flight tickets of the past, and what’s more automatically billed her travel miles to her account. Emily experienced the now familiar feeling of the capsule ride slowly coming to the two-second momentary stop and the following sideways movement of being lifted into the airlock mechanism with a musical sound was comforting.

Again came the awareness of seeing that the capsule now was safely on the moving belt in the Portal , the capsule door opened allowing Emily to drive off the belt onto the existing streets of Brooklyn with the same anticipated time as her ride in Bakersfield. However she asked for the MoPod  to take her to Cindy’s front door. The traffic weaving is far more intense in Brooklyn and Emily did not feel up to the challenge. Cindy was waiting at the front door to welcome Emily. Before she left the MoPod  it reminded her that she had left her glasses behind. Having retrieved them she exited in her wheelchair. The MoPod  would then be dispatched to the parking system silo.

Cindy had altered her old home to accommodate wheel chairs as her sister had lost her legs while in service in Afghanistan. Cindy, Jackie her Mother Lorna and Emily all happily greeted one another pleased to be in the reality of treasured company again. A cogenial supper was enjoyed news updates from all at the table.  After changing into beautiful evening attire and at the right anticipated time Cindy called for a MoPod . They both entered to leave for the New York Symphony Hall. Having arrived at the front entrance Cindy chose to push Emily’s wheelchair into the booked seating position for the show. Both enjoyed the performance very much, so now it was off to Brooklyn where Cindy said goodbye and Emily chose to dispatch herself via the Grand Central Portal back to Bakersfield.

Arriving 45 minutes later after listening to some favorite music and a short nap Emily arrived in the Bakersfield Portal. This time Emily chose to have the MoPod  drive her to the front door of her home. On arrival the wheelchair took her though the front door that opened on voice command up to the second floor into her bedroom. She changed into her PJ’s and flopped onto her bed satisfied with her day’s journey that on reflection lasted only one hour and ten minutes travel time  She slumbered off after having enjoyed a good meal but most of all the precious entertainment and face to face time with her best friend and family.

Emily dreamt that night of taking her longest travel trip to Beijing. Her fellow Bakersfield College graduate had invited her there for a weeks stay over. She woke up with a start in the morning and reminded herself to get ready for this following trip as it was only three days away. Oh well, this future trip travel time would be a little longer maybe three and a quarter hours than the one to Brooklyn. Emily pondered she would manage on this trip as to how many bookings she would have to make to profit above the cost of paying the charge to get there!

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                       10/14/12          972 words

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