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ET3 TECHNICAL STORY – Presentation to AAN KC

My name is Graham Kaye-Eddie. I am an Urban Designer. Design is the essential tool needed to translate ideas into graphics. My gift is to share with you a story about travel. The desire to move locally, regionally and globally is to satisfy our need for experiencing places and cultures. These things are an insatiable interest that urges exploration to satisfy our five senses with people and Nature’s gifts of Earth and Ocean.

Remember the questions we all asked as youngsters,  “Are we there yet”? Today we live in similar cities worldwide that are created for continual movement and growth changes. One desires better mobility travel capabilities to and fro in California, where getting there is no easy accomplishment. Future demand for getting around will be essential for survival.

It is my belief that Californians have the future answer for transportation serving villages, towns and cities. This can be done in four years. The challenge requires a fresh creation for designed habitations on terra/aqua that balances our living settlements with Nature’s abundance. Nature provides constructal laws for design from the animate (with life) to the inanimate (without life) My interest lies in never ending perpetual flows found in vascular tissues, locomotion, social organizations and the places one develops.

Environmental Impact Reports (EIR’s) by law requests an alternative comparative to the development proposed. There is no alternative transportation system comparative in the EIR by the California High Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA). This is not right. The Federal and State Governments are doing citizens a bad service given that we in the United States of America already have in reality the most advanced transportation capability of all nations in the world. Although questioned by Bakersfield City in the EIR of this omission, no response from the CAHSRA has appeared. Governor Brown has even suggested relaxing the EIR content to afford a faster process for decision making, thus weakening the existing laws to afford citizens a positive approval. This flaunting of the law that EIR’s demand is not right.

The alternative transportation methodology in my mind is Evacuated Tube Transportation Technologies (ET3). It is not “steel-wheel-on-steel rail” an ancient technology, long past its prime regarding speed and severe maintenance limitations. This practical ET3 alternative transportation methodology uses magnetic levitation that should be applied for California’s future.

The technology elements are present and available in California. Californians are most capable of producing the whole transportation system. This cannot be ignored.  California has the entire component manufacturing capabilities in all the aspects required for its construction.  This ET3 vision will create multitudinous jobs for Californians who are blessed with both “head” and the “hand” capabilities. One must direct this effort as a movement to save California’s economy. This will set an example for the USA and all sovereign nations. This is something one all can get done.

This is a very short summary of the technical aspects related to the opportunity of competing with the California High Speed Rail monopoly proposal. A reminder no alternative is documented in the present EIR document of the CAHSRA proposal.

Evacuated Tube Transportation Technologies (ET3) is the movement system to compare against the technology limits found in high-speed rail.

Let’s once and for all dispel both government’s and our fears of financial problems, high unemployment, and population growth, congested roadways, railways, airways and boat ways that pollute the natural environment. These existing fossil fuel driven travel systems are the forces polluting the principles found in organic life, that of clean air, water, and food that are the foundations for our survival. Californians mobility for goods and people comes with magnetic levitation as the foundation for prosperity.

ET3 is literally ‘Space Travel on Earth’ä where all transportation friction is virtually eliminated. It is silent, low cost, safe, fast and electrically powered. Two-way tubes are built above, below or on the ground. People and goods are transported in lightweight capsules from a portal airlock entry to accelerated travel on linear electric motors. Automated acceleration of capsules into a network much like freeways, allows for coasting while deceleration power is recovered. With passive switching, two ET3 tubes can exceed the capacity of a 40-lane freeway. The Internet routes email much like the ET3 capsules travel from point to point.

The ET3 cost benefit value is that it can be built for 1/10th of the cost of high-speed rail, or 1/4th of a freeway. ET3 can provide 50 times more transportation per KWH than electric cars or trains.

A California State ET3 network that collapses time and distance with speeds of 350mph will bring California leadership forward with intelligence, skills and manufacturing capabilities to achieve this leap in future transportation.

SCAG, KCOG, Kern County and Bakersfield City have all been presented with this technology amongst many other institutions. It is time to have a debate of ET3 attributes – globally.

It is my belief that we can obtain the future answer for transportation serving villages, towns and cities. This requires a fresh creation of habitations on terra/aqua that balances our living with Nature. Nature provides constructal laws for design from the animate (with life) to the inanimate (without life) My interest lies in never ending perpetual flows found in vascular tissues, locomotion and social organization.

As an artist I have left you some sketches of the basic elements for creating a “Space Station on Earth”.  This is found on www.starkorecity.com and www.et3.com.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.            12/25/2012                901 words





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