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These documents were submitted at the public hearing. I read only the underlined words due to the three minute allowance. Thought you might be interested in the rest of the story.
My name is Graham Kaye-Eddie. I have resided for more than 30 YEARS, a baseball throw away from the intersection of BNSF rail line and Hageman and Allen Roads.
I treasure these three minutes as a moment to share my good faith efforts to do good for Californians. This politically driven project must be seriously rethought. This “TRAIN PROJECT” should be stopped in its tracks. It is not to late to change. What it required is courage to do so by admitting a mistake.
The answer to our transportation future is found in one word VISION. This “TRAIN PROJECT” holds no vision. Without a new vision Americans will perish. CAHSRA is pushing a heroic transportation failure to move toward a disaster contributing less mobility for traveling and shipping. The cornerstone and foundation of American greatness was and shall only be a transformational change in our transportation infrastructure, to service our comings and goings.
Do you really know if you have improved the performance of energy consumption per passenger mile for this “TRAIN PROJECT” project, with a life span of more than a hundred years? Given the unsustainable cost estimate for repairing our entire transportation infrastructure, are you firmly persuaded that this old technology is the right fit for the future generations with its lifecycle of maintenance and operation?
The inexcusable response to an alternative magnetic levitation technology project evaluation was not only embarrassingly immoral, it was unjust. This alternative technology proposed was dismissed in a manner that smells of a fraudulent alliance with a tired, failing historical steel-wheel-steel-rail industry. California High Speed Rail simply cannot match other modern technologies for moving goods and people more efficiently.
America has extraordinary qualifications in transportation methodologies. These capabilities have been used both to reach outer space and to create military weapons that are extraordinary evidence of our science and technology superiority. This knowledge resource should not be ignored but rather employed and focused on the civil needs of transportation for humanity. Charity should begin on earth first.
Let’s focus on proven technologies that are inspiring, enlightening, helpful, amazing, innovative and important for the next generation. A transportation system that will create genuine citizen enthusiasm for such a mobility solution for the future is warranted. This should be the mission.
Policymaking, project design and cost benefit assessment should ideally engage both private and public sectors as a partnership to enhance transportation capabilities. This “TRAIN PROJECT” shows no factual or legal evidence of successful integration.

My plea to you decision makers is something my mother said to me – listen to that little voice in your head that tells you whether the decision you make is right or wrong. Success comes when you do this honestly.
This “TRAIN PROJECT” is doomed to failure for Californians.
Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D.         8/16/12, 8/20/12, 8/23/12, 8/27/12                 468 WORDS
Some References for those who wish to hear, see and read in search for the truth:
     Example 1. Many transportation experts have been wrong about impending technology changes. For example: “Rail travel at high speed is not possible, because passengers, unable to breathe, would die of asphyxia” said Dr Lardner (1793 – 1959)
     Example 2. He also asserted that no large steamship would be able to cross the Atlantic, since it would carry more coal than it could carry. Two years later the Great Western crossed the Atlantic.
     Example 3. Flight by machines heavier than air is impractical and insignificant if not utterly impossible” said Simon Newcomb (1835-1909) The flight of the Wright Brothers eighteen months afterwards did not affect his opinion.

1.    An Album by Merle Haggard “My love affair with trains”.  Seventeen short songs. Listen to the words. They truly share evidence that trains are a historic memory from many socio/cultural viewpoints.

2.    The Lionel Electric Train Model toy some old board members will remember is now a piece of antiquity.

3.    The study, “Farm to Market – A Soybean’s Journey,” analyzed how soybeans and other agricultural products move from the farm gate to customers, highlighting weaknesses found in the system along the way. It explains that U.S. farmers depend on a 50-year-old highway system, a 70-year-old inland waterway system and a railway network build in the late 1800s to move their products from the fields to end users.


4.    Governor Brown is only focused on the budget. Where is the transportation VISION?

http://www.psmag.com/politics/the-governors-last-stand-http:://www. 44798/?utm_source=Newsletter226&utm_medium=email&utm_content=0821&utm_campaign=newsletters

5.    About Tax and Bond referendums. Which legislation will survive? What leadership will listen to the populace? What Promised Federal Money will be delivered in reality ito CAHSR over the future years?  Some risk assessment?



7.    To Repeat – HSR Will Require A Subsidy – Forever

Summary – To keep their project alive, California’s High-Speed Rail Authority       (CHSRA) has ‘low balled’ both revenues and O&M expenses – revenues to seem to be competitive with airline fares, and O&M costs to seem to produce profits. Real life examples show that existing high-speed rail fares run above 40¢ per passenger mile (PPM) while operating costs are above 30¢ PPM.  Acela’s riders in the northeast USA pay 72¢ PPM, while it cost at least 62¢ PPM to keep Acela running.  But CHSRA claims fares at 23¢ PPM and operating costs at 10¢ PPM; a fraction of what they should be projecting, to not require a legally prohibited subsidy.



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