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The global digital transformation is taking place in the thinking patterns of people and businesses – large and small. The most important feature is the fact that performance based services to consumers in all technologies is taking hold. This mental shift is pervasive from data analysis with human judgment as to what IT business technology and automation is required. The next step is to apply the informational features to objective reality movement.

Transportation methodologies serve urban design development patterns for villages, towns and cities. This is an indelible link of continual change for a thoughtful balanced future.  Policy driven by concepts and ideas and the economics of exchange has omitted this most important third triad for wealth and prosperity for mankind that of graphic integration.  An amazing a new skill is evolving that of predicting the future. This capability now becomes part of corporate and politbureau survival.

The fear that bungling governments are destroying — or about to destroy — what little is left of our peace and prosperity is making citizens most apprehensive in all fields of endeavor. The revelation that speed of decision making offered by “software” is needed for predicting the future, now surfaces to dominate a multitude of technologies. After all reality flows are related in actions toward a better maintenance of performance standards.

Another common factor is living within ones means. Balancing home budgets is now a pervasive discipline directed toward government budgets facing fiscal cliffs. The strength to say yes or no to ideas or concepts becomes an essential part of future action evaluation.

Freedom is the core realization coming to the foreground of lucid thinking. FREEDOM PROVIDES A CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH PROSPERITY, THE DYNAMIC OF WEALTH CREATION, CAN FUNCTION.  What are these essential freedoms?  Freedom to travel, in order to trade with individuals is essential. This starts negotiation agreements. These are generally made after an assessment of product value intrinsic with its performance. This eyeball to handshake is a promise between two honest people to be contractually fulfilled.

We all are becoming slaves collected together in cities without appropriate corporate and politbureau leadership. The building of cities demands enormous collaboration amongst citizens and leaders. Each citizen in the realm of survival attempts to find a niche in the chain of circumstances, which is reliant upon the basic principles for humanities collective survival.  Individual intellect and skill focuses on the gap between the dream and reality. This fact predominates and is displayed from the micro to the macro found in life’s organic relationships.

Most corporate and government aspirations curb the flow of things to be accomplished by the individual. Abiding the laws of the land, paying taxes, complying with communication protocols, monetary accounts, metered water intake and electricity used, purchases made, to output of solid and liquid waste products are minuscule to the coming complexity of restrictions. This harms the essence of life, thus strangling free movement.

These government constrictions come softly but deliver a big stick to mobility. Driving a vehicle, buying a bus, train, and aircraft seat or ocean cabin ticket – all come with subtle standards that reward government stasis conditions. Further the right to freedom of speech and protest assembly for peaceful redress of grievances is being constrained. The privilege of traveling can be denied a US citizen in the event of unpaid taxes. Border controls, airport security, currency intervention, cabernet privacy, health, air water quality are a few of the controls now firmly placed on Americans. This is closing in on the true meaning of liberty of movement.

Choices in future transportation methodologies are important for moving the next generation of travelers and goods for on time delivery, geographic point to point. An intelligent transportation future requires a bevy of interdisciplinary functionaries. Simple tools such as a tree map; network graph and bullet chart enables the building of a team that can appreciate opportunities for transforming transportation design. The attributes that need to be effectively integrated are; dynamic data, visual querying, linked multidimensional visualization, animation, personalization and actionable alerts. These human interactions for explorations are all spatially located to a geographic position in earth’s biosphere.

Making sense of big city data availability is not easy to analyze, let alone form a prognosis into a good artful and beautiful synthesis. However choices are best made collaboratively by project teams founded in centers of excellence with broad participation and willing support. Evacuated Tube Transportation Technologies (ET3) embraces the need for collecting such an International team.

The barriers confronting this ET3 mission are the forces of status quo, these are tempered somewhat with positions against mobility futures. There are significant advances in the data collection industries such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, each with aspects of competitive data performance advantages.  However when it comes to collecting data for transportation of goods and people, the focus of their self-interest is elsewhere. Fraught with data quality problems, challenges of software integration platforms, scaling and agreements on standardization are a pause for further consideration that occupies their sensibilities. These virtual flows of big data patterns do not attempt to either look holistically or specifically in association with the reality of moving objects in a spatial context on earth.

The ability to “fix” our worn out and outdated transportation infrastructure problems means less tinkering and facing “head on” toward solutions with a compliment of NASA engineers who are experienced in the energy requirements and mobility technological inventions. They must be engaged. These engineers already provide a significant knowledge base of travel into outer space. Applying these proven capabilities to bring space travel on earth would be a start toward building a team to make the right choices necessary to drive the transformation of movement into a setting that serves city building. Such actions would balance our draw on natural resources and makes peace with our need to share human realities with cultures in a free global marketplace.

Time is of the essence. Who is willing to join the team to bring ET3 technology into place?

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.         8/14/2012    1003 WORDS.


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