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Citizens in California and America are on the tipping point of an opportunity to achieve a great addition to the freedom of movement for people and goods. It begins in 2012.



Every day citizens will learn of the vision that will enable education and job restoration in the worlds lost economy. The implementation of this new transportation system and consequent settlement patterns will bring lucrative profits in efficient use of energy and resource distribution. The introduction will primarily change the existing forces that fuel our existing transportation systems and prepare us for outer space travel.

But one day soon this extraordinary transportation technology will offer the collapse of time, distance and energy consumption with speed in our travels to all earthly continents. Beyond the ease and convenience of ingress and egress for use by all people and goods this transportation offers performance in a sound ecological and environmental manner.

Because of the quality of this astounding transportation concept and its superior performance, it will bring existing technologies that are already in place and are clearly understood by a vast array of designers and engineers to bear on getting around far better than we are right now.

International and interdisciplinary collaboration is required only to settle standards for scale and size. All the parts and pieces necessary for construction of element integration are present to be manufactured on a vast scale. The implementation of these artifacts and their placement together with the adoption of rights of way to service the corridor alignments is all that is necessary to create the next evolution in transportation.

Because the history of transportation in the USA has acknowledged the integration of roadways, railways, airways, shipping-ways as well as access to outer space for both people and goods transportation, so will a similar flow begin with multiple energy services in our electric energy generation systems for powering our utilities with regard to transmission, distribution and storage.

The spreading internet capacities of enabling global conversation advances via computers and cell phones has created a light speed network for both wireless and fiber optic cable communications thus joining utilization together of TV and the Web. The considerable consequences on cultural and social phenomena in a short period of time have been quite amazing.

Thus the recognition of humanities desire for greater interface from point to point in virtual conversation opens the next step to use this set of proven technologies to reach one another – face to face  – in reality. The logistics for distribution of such a meaningful process will become internationally competitive.

Changes will be made toward carrying loads in lightweight capsules that shall require small amounts of energy for dispatch and recovery of people and goods to any latitude and longitude on our earthly continents. Imagine delivering enormous efficiencies in availability of people and objects with on time delivery for all of humanities needs. This integrated transportation system processes and distributes most things around the world to accomplish 90% energy savings when compared to today’s energy travel requirements and resource consumption delivery to marketplaces. It does so without accidents or congestion, without weather limitations or mechanical failure and without contaminating Nature’s provision of abundance.

This high volume, high-speed evacuated tube transportation technology (ET3) will be practically accomplished with a fair yet realizable challenge to our present technological and structural capabilities. The thousands of capsules plying these corridors will accommodate and enhance a bridge from present vehicles and cargo containers to reduce environmental pollution – in silence.

The costs are minimal compared to current infrastructure operation and maintenance costs while the benefits are substantial and will increase incrementally over the next few decades of implementation. Jobs internationally will increase vigorously due to the lesser cost in infrastructure investment and absorption of land area currently under the corridors of service.

The transition between existing transportation and settlement patterns will trend to diminish in scale and pattern to be relieved by new villages, towns and cities being established into new ecological environments. Major metropolitan regions will recover by proportionately bringing settlement land use footprints with agriculture, forests and natural areas back into balance in service of respective populations.

Until finally worldwide jobs and productivity to import and export all manner of things from water and food to material resources into unique manufacturing plants are spread amongst all continents. This newly found freedom of movement would dwarf the present value exchange increases with enhanced efficiencies and capabilities to meet humanities increasing needs for better survival as well as to ensure environmental conservation for both cleansing and keeping our planet in a cycle of sustainability.

This transportation moment has arrived for its evolution and will not end but will bring space travel conditions to earth and nurture peace among all nations.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                 2/27/2012             774 words

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