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It is Makabusi LLC together with ET3’s desire to launch and assemble a group of interdisciplinary members (more than 25) to advise on and create a quest urban for a city urban design of 1.5 million people. The purpose is to facilitate mass collaboration over the web to incorporate innovative data processing methods, including the ability to input alternative search algorithms for travel and urban design purposes.

The aim would be to tap into the power of open-source initiatives, to globalize the search for like-minded intelligence and empower a new generation of urban design enthusiasts to create better villages, towns and cities.

Makabusi LLC and ET3 would back the launch of this new system with technological modeling, major storytelling and awareness campaign whose goal would be to inspire sovereign nations to participate.

In order to fulfill these goals for all world citizens to become active participants in the search for better urban designed communities, two distinct steps must be taken. The initial step is upgrading the technology applications from the micro scale of a single dwelling to community to village to town to the macro dimension of a city that with incremental steps of growth and change to a scale involved with Makabusi LLC and ET3 in order to open city development to the worlds inhabitants.

Several companies have already stepped up to provide and/or build the appropriate “software” and “hardware” technologies to accomplish this goal. The next step is to create an urban design system that facilitates mass participation in the search via the web. A brainstorming virtual meeting with Makabusi and ET3 is proposed in the New Year to engender a variety of commitments to develop this urban design system and empower a new generation of city building enthusiasts.

The requirements for initiating this mission suggests the following agenda: –

·         First and foremost a leader to oversee this initiative, with reporting duties to Makabusi LLC and ET3 acting as the full-time management contractor for a given time period.

·         A business, diplomatic, mental, people participant, organizational, budget and management plan.

·         Engineers with expertise in digital signal processing and in open-source initiatives

·         Cloud computing resources

·         Significant need for servers and storage

·         Website development team

·         Social networking expertise

·         Marketing and creative campaign help

·         Media Space

·         Massive outreach to grow the URBAN DESIGN ACQUEST INSTITUTE network

·         A Promotional Relations Communications Partner

·         A film production company to develop and distribute this story

·         Spokespeople

·        Funding — for this project and for additional resources for ESTABLISHING THE. URBAN DESIGN ACQUEST INSTITUTE LABORATORY.

This is a note of intention to structure a legal document of intention to present to financiers by Makabusi LLC and ET3.

We look forward in anticipation for responses.

Please call Graham Kaye-Eddie and Daryl Oster for further informative details.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.  11/4/2011            464 words

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