Tuesday 20 February 2018


The cycle of the machine technology is an ever-expanding extension of our minds and bodies. It will never come to en end.

The insights we now have of our heavens and the micro-elements found on the earth with computer capabilities of measurement of scale and flow, distance and time have extended us into the realm of the virtual.

However man is still in a position to transcend the value of the machine, and to create and evaluate the worth of the reality of new biological, social and physical environments.

There shall be the balance cast between man-made settlements and Nature for earth’s survival. It is in this sphere of acknowledgement that the highest possibilities of human existence shall be realized.

This approach toward city building does not start only for the strong-minded nor the lucky ones alone, but for all co-operating and understanding small groups, then forming shelters into the reality of villages, to grow into developing towns and then into cities.

Graham Kaye-Eddie.
M.U.D. 162 words 12/9/2011

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