Tuesday 20 February 2018


Some considerations for the place-making of a sustainable city.

  • An Interdisciplinary Foundation for “green living” households. (“head to hand”)
  • Built for people who wish to balance their lives actions in balance with Nature in a geographic position on this Earth.
  • Obtaining monetary donations to support family households to “plow back” into doing things right with the physical investments toward energy efficiency.
  • Beginning with a core “educational campus” for a “green” community “cell”.
  • A “Sustainable Model City” beginning with the founding of basic community elements based upon peoples design, policies and economics.
  • Focused on transparency of attracting national appeal as an example of transforming a balance between a “Luddite”/“Technocratic” elements with Nature toward the goal of creating a Spaceship on Earth.
  • Incremental expansion according to quantitative factors based upon established and monitored principles (13)
  • Formulation of a growth capability of jobs to accommodate both transient as well as internal household increases.
  • Employment offerings for all arranged in streams from research and development to vetting technologies to testing laboratories and the manufacturing of products.
  • The satisfactory exchange of imports and exports of both intelligence and products between private and public sectors.
  • Legality of organizational structures – Articles of Incorporation, Non-profit, tax exemption for “sovereignty”.
  • City building is not just accumulating money. It is a plan to use it. Built upon fiduciary responsibility to manage the growth of wealth based upon the intelligent labors of households in a group survival mode.
  • Luke 16:2  “Give an account of thy stewardship”.

A start?

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D. 12/6/08

(FOUNDATION BEGINNING BUILDINGS  = Religious, Dining Hall, Health Facility, Athletic Facilities, and Supervisors Housing. Agricultural and construction standards with Public Facilities that include an Electronic Town Hall, Post Office and Banking Hall for Fund Raising and Treasury, as well as, Justice, Security and Safety)

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