Tuesday 23 January 2018


The President of China Jiang Zemin traveled a short distance on ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport) in 2005.

In 1910, former-president Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. president to fly in an airplane. He flew for four minutes with Arch Hoxsey in a plane built by the Wright Brothers at Kinloch Field (Lambert-St. Louis International Airport), St. Louis, Missouri. Who will be the United States president to travel on ET3? Where will that take place?

America has a big future in reducing 41% of the green house gas emissions emitted from our existing transportation patterns by implementing ET3. This will prevent a climate crisis and will create millions of jobs for out of work Americans thus freeing citizens to be more productive in many ways.

The vision of bringing jobs and prosperity back to this country is to build a new transportation system that simultaneously protect the earth we leave to our next-generation, cut the cost of mobility and increase the efficiency for moving people and goods by collapsing space and time from start to finish of our desired destinations.

The United States has led every technological revolution of the lost two centuries. Our leadership in this new form of transportation will encourage domestic manufacturing of the products with American ingenuity that will make this transportation innovation possible. It will also change the way in which we plan our cities.

The most fundamental of American traditions is to leave our children and grandchildren with an earth as safe, beautiful and majestic as the one our parents and grandparents left to us. It is time to invest in ET3 with a self-financing capability to further nurture a better way of living in harmony with our one and only planet.

ET3 will forever cure a large part of the problem that man has made with existing transportation systems. The carbon capture solution is only one step that we might take to solve our penchant for fossil fuels that totally drives our current transportation from motor vehicle to aircraft and shipping.

The genius of America is to turn crisis into opportunity. ET3 will create millions of “green” jobs and help heal our natural environment. The revenue from ET3 will not only produce jobs for all Americans but will also produce a cleaner environment when this new form of evacuated tube transportation is instituted by risking a leadership leap to fulfill our lifetime needs of traveling safely, speedily and economically to distant lands.

ET3 will bring “space travel on earth’.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.            10/11/2010

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  1. Jonnie says:

    Reading this makes my densoiics easier than taking candy from a baby.


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