Tuesday 20 February 2018


ET3 humbly submits a concept of a small change that will contribute to the greatest worldwide impact. Freedom of movement is essential in our entire ecosystem.

ET3 sense of vision will save the planet by taking a leap into a new form of getting to and from desired destinations. All humans travel innately to have experiences in order to explore and discover new things.

ET3 is structured as a global introduction for the purpose of offering to mobilize people and goods by collapsing distance with speed, time and less energy consumption being benign to the natural environment.

ET3 understands that cities are the single most important inventions in human history. The city urban design opportunities have been ignored for too long. Cities should be a sequence of small collective and collaborative actions to maintain a balance between the Natural settings surrounding the construction of human habitats.

ET3 acknowledges the neglected vital spaces between buildings and pathways taken through the natural environment. This foreshadows the fact that we still need to revere this space for future transportation infrastructure. The connection of virtual information flows to the reality flows of people and goods requires resolution. Without mobility flows there is no life.

ET3 has adopted a non-market approach based upon an open human resources system that donates value contributions toward project accomplishment. In turn these people from all walks of life will drive common technical standards toward building international wealth for the common good of humanity.

ET3 is seeking an audience to expose an opportunity to liberate mankind with minimum leverage as an initiative for real change in ground transportation infrastructure

ET3 wishes to attack the root cause of urban settlement problems that of mobility flows from point to point.

ET3 has a different set of principles and operating values. These are based upon worldwide cooperation and collective action.

ET3 believes that with patient long-term support for this systematic transportation solution it will bring immediate results in concentrating a significant transformation forged by the independence of global citizen actions.

ET3 believes in the re-building, restoring and re-creation of cities. The belief is found in the new high-speed ground transportation system proposed. This will cause cohesion of communities that will strengthen cultural integration for fundamental changes in the socio-political economy.

ET3 suggests that this effort seeks a cooperative future to balance our planet’s scarce resources in order to get out of deep-rooted poverty and oppression toward a future peaceful coexistence.

ET3 believes this singular framework of ideology will reduce conflicts and trade-offs and change social and political dynamics that have so far denied the worlds population a decent life.

ET3 is sure that evaluation of worth as well as accountability will be configured to support this long-term structural change. Progress in wealth building as the result will come through bottom–up planning from inception to completion.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
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