Tuesday 23 January 2018


The United States should consider GOET3 as the compelling case for new public transportation infrastructure investments.

Building America’s future can only be based on rebuilding America’s infrastructure for job creation and immediate short, medium and long-term prosperity, as well as, for resettling our financial system.

GOEt3 can map out a multiyear plan for infrastructure investment to make it the centerpiece of an ongoing USA economic recovery program. The most promising new source of growth is America’s pent-up demand for a new private/public transportation infrastructure.  21st century infrastructure demands are for a more energy-efficient and technologically advanced system for the next generation of Americans. This Goet3 vision is a practical application for our society at this time. It is paramount that we move forward into the future with collective confidence, commitment and courage.

A GOET3 project will stimulate billions of dollars of private and government spending over the next 5 to 10 years. This would generate incomparable levels of the private provision of millions of new jobs for both “head” in the “hand” where all Americans will greatly benefit. This great 2010 recession requires a quest ratio of dollar investment to millions of jobs. GOET3 estimates that for every $1 Billion invested approximately 9 Million jobs will be created.

The USA’s present attitude toward infrastructure investment is shallow when examined as a “Fix-up” of the existing transportation system. Estimates for 1 billion invested in “highways” alone is said to provide more than $6.2 billion in economic activity. For every dollar of increased infrastructure spending on existing transportation structures it would generate 17,000 direct and 23,000 indirect jobs. $300 billion investment in status quo infrastructure would bring 5 Million jobs directly and millions more indirectly. This ratio $1B to 5M jobs represents $60,000 per job at current dollar value.  Or for every $1.00 invested it represents $1.59 in GDP. (New America Foundation www.twitter.com/NewAmerContract)

In order for America to grow out of the increased debt burdens resulting from credit bubbles, an investment that is far more efficient and competitive in today’s environment must become the foundation for future growth in manufacturing industries. This is in fact what we require for our recovery. New growth sectors in the economy in agriculture energy and clean technology require major infrastructure improvements for private success not based on fossil fuels alone. Goet3 can do this for the future via a do-able visionary transportation system.

New infrastructure investments can easily be financed by the private sector at historically low interest rates through a number of mechanisms.  The facilitation of the “Build America Bonds” and “Recovery Zone Bonds” or by “Tax-credit Bonds” that are subsidized by favorable federal tax treatment is vague possibilities. The establishment of a National Infrastructure Bank has also been suggested but not captured any momentum.

At present public infrastructure needs are undermining our economies efficiency and costing us billions of lost income and economic growth in our city real estate wealth creation? A new infrastructure such as GoEt3 will fast exceed the cost of such status quo investment through stronger growth and higher revenues from development than ever dreamed of a paltry amount for mending our existing transportation malaise.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.            524 words        3/29/2010

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