Tuesday 23 January 2018


The economic, environmental and energy crises bring real and measurable pain to everyone first in the USA and then Worldwide is being continually analysed.

The USA transportation problems are undeniable yet the consequences are predictable.

ETT has a transportation socio-technology solution that creates numerous “golden jobs” for both the “head” and the “hand” that requires Research Institutions, Non Profit Organizations and Manufacturing Industry support, to become the agent of change with the appropriate facts of the matter.

USA citizens question Government’s accountability, it’s bureaucracy, law enforcement measures, implacable bureaucrats, compounding legislative legalese, media partnership, lack of true decision-making transparency, ignoring planning for better transportation to urgently and effectively address the future issue of our time.

Citizen’s outrage about the Banks, Wall Street, and the Congress/Federal Reserve partnership that currently simmers as a time bomb for our next Election Day.

USA Citizens are angriest at “lobbyist’s power” that has been supported by the Supreme Court with the passage for “Corporate” voting status to select the leadership the Nation so desperately requires.

USA citizens have an American Dream that’s being overturned by not recognizing Small Business without clarity of understanding the unintended consequences.

ETT is the transportation vision that will transcend the current status quo conditions and present rising dissention that will bring Space Travel on Earth and peace to the next generation of world citizens.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.YU.D. 224 words 3/23/2010

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