Tuesday 23 January 2018


Looking at the whole ET3 picture and then detailing assets of new materials with superior performance creates enormous value for future transportation. Most of all the very design outline of ET3 shows that it costs less money to put it into place. The cost/benefits are enormous.

The following attributes are only a few of the parts that make the whole ET3 venture a “no brainer” to carry freight and passengers.

  • Freight must carry small high value objects;
  • Freight shipping unit is the pallet;
  • Pallet weighs 900 lbs, fits into 52: diameter capsule that is 16” long;
  • Maglev design should handle freight and passengers to be profitable;
  • Transportation market is $8.65T/yr – half freight and half people;
  • Trains have displaced both cargo and passenger markets of aircraft and road vehicles;
  • Cargo value in order of magnitude = ships, aircraft trucks and trains;
  • Cargo and Passenger Market Histogram -1910 on 250,000 miles of ROW = 90%, 2010 on 125,000 miles of ROW = 95% (bulk low value per ton);
  • Passenger trains – Amtrak – subsidizes cargo rail lines @ 14 mph speeds with secured common use;
  • {Transrapid excuse = short distance, passengers only;}
  • System turnouts for local delivery of freight and passengers;
  • Full speed passive switching to maximize capsule frequencies with minimum headways;
  • Switching is controlled remotely as well as by each vehicle;
  • Point to Point delivery of freight and people enhanced from standby capsule areas (Cleaning and servicing) from local portals to convenient homes, work places etc.;
  • ET3 maglev adopts the most successful design philosophy – automotive;
  • ET3 infrastructure support costs 1/15th of high speed trains and 1/4th of “freeways”;
  • The ET3 vision needs to become a National Project to stimulate the next cascading long term growth of wealth creation for our next generation of travelers.
  • ET3 is the only transportation project that will reconstitute the value of the dollar and drive a national patriotism to regain the USA’s leadership as the best nation in the world.

There are more points to capture and combine with the above.  More summaries to come.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.            3/30/2010

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