Tuesday 20 February 2018


The primary issues for human sustainability are clean air, clean water and clean organic food. These three essential ingredients serve humankind to use these essential ingredients of energy supply for mobility and communication.


In different countries such as India forecasts of infrastructure elements that are primary for human health such as water supply requirements will need to increase 3.5 times current supply to meet basic demand by 2030. Sewage: treatment will need to increase two times current levels to meet demand by 2030. Solid waste will need to increase six times today’s treatment levels by 2030 because of consumption expected by an emerging middle class. Public transit access and service requires 20 times the capacity of metros and subways that will need to be added over what has been provided in the past ten years. Affordable housing will need to increase 10 times by 2030 to meet expected needs. Slum populations that now comprise 24% of India’s urban population will need to be addressed with formal affordable housing programs and housing structures.

India can meet the financial need to increase spending on cities from its current rate of 0.5% to 2% of GDP. On a per-capita basis, India now spends 14% of what China spends on its cities and only 4% of what the United Kingdom spends on its cities.

The key elements to be considered seriously can be simply outlined in five strategies for meeting India’s urban financial obligations in infrastructure support. Monetize land assets; Maximize property taxes and usage charges; Establish a formula-based grants systems from state and central government; Use appropriate debt and private-sector participation (i.e., public-private partnerships). Create enabling systems and city development funds to facilitate use of revenue sources.

This all sounds practical but their needs to be some wise planning outside the borders of corruption in human affairs. The time has come to invest in paths that do not follow the status quo of following the patterns of other advanced global economies but rather by harboring strategies not only in the use and distribution of monetary systems but rather focus on the most primary investment for uplifting the reality growth of wealth and prosperity.

This begins with a nation wide transportation choice. It is our belief that ET3 is the right choice for India.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.            380 words        11/3/2010

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