Tuesday 20 February 2018


This soon to be more informed consumer base is a concern for those who have not moved yet. However it heralds the opportunity for growth for those who are already investing to change existing products, formulation, sourcing etc. These leaders will be the first winners of a new dynamic between industry, retailers and consumers.

A Potential Chain Reaction Index can lead to a change in traveling and buying behavior that creates a shift of preference towards better scoring of products.

ET3 will generate a new demand and market growth. It will cause reactions with retailers as well as manufacturers. This is a winning product and opening for a new urbanized space for newcomers with winning propositions.

Motivated by consumers and retail buyers, the manufacturing industry will move the needle towards those products that perform well against such a sustainability index.
The future may no longer only about who is the cheapest, who the loudest, who the brightest, or who gains most space in promotion and at the buying shelf.

Consumers using ET3 and retail buyers will see the index score as a relevant factor for their decision making. This will enhance activities to produce big change within all industries. If innovation becomes more sustainable, bigger parts of advertising and promotion budgets will be invested to penetrate the public with sustainability messages.

Making existing products perform better in the index by improving logistics of dispatch via ET3 for on time delivery, the formulation, packaging reduction, will change the supply chain and sourcing. ET3 will become a critical mandate for all industries. Integrating the index requirements like life cycle impact data in an early stage of the new product development process will become mandatory for R&D and Marketing.

Advancing sustainability by using the market’s transaction mechanism can become the ultimate outcome of a sustainability index. Finally, there may be hope of scale and relevance and the rules of supply and demand that will produce affordable prices for sustainable products utilizing ther ET3 transportation system.

At least that is what’behind the ET3 plan. Lets see how things unfold.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D. 345 words 11/3/2010

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